Battle of the Bands Auditions!

Who is “One Day as a Cat” and why are they going for Battle of the Bands?


A student practicing during lunch in the band room for Battle of the Bands.

The audition for the Battle of the Bands is happening on February 3rd. The auditions will determine who can perform in the Battle of the Bands where the income will go to supporting Abbie, Air Academy High School’s Make-a-Wish sponsor child. One of the bands auditioning will be One Day as a Cat with their emerging seven members. 

Each member has been playing music since elementary school and younger. They each have learned new instruments and felt that the Battle of the Bands would open a new door of musical experience for them. 

“All of us love to play music but it is not often you can be part of a garage band,” sophomore Dominik Goodman claimed. 

Goodman inspired the band to form and choose to perform in the Battle of the Bands. He is also part of the inspiration behind the Battle of the Bands. 

“When it is just a couple people it can get a lot more, almost seems like you are more important than the music,” Goodman stated.

His leadership has allowed them to flourish and start to cover music that excels past what students typically learn in band class. Currently, they are deciding between three songs to play, Careless Whisper by George Michael, Dream On by Aerosmith, and I am still standing by Elton John. These three songs were picked to present each member of the band’s individual talents. 

The Battle of the Bands allows for small high school bands to have the opportunity to grow.

“I think it will give a lot of us to be public with music. All of us are band kids but when you are in band [class] you are surrounded by 100 other kids doing the same thing,” Goodman said.

This sense of individuality outside of band activities is viewed by more than just Goodman. 

“It’s fun to have a different skill that not many other people have [playing music],” sophomore Cassey Martin stated. 

It also has allowed students to prove their responsibility outside of school. In more ways than one students are able to prove their ability to show up and practice without the consequence of a failed grade.  

“It’s sort of an accountability thing. Of course, we are in classes and we are required to do that for school but this is almost an extracurricular,” senior Tabetha Brand remarked. 

Playing music has brought One Day as a Cat together as a band and as peers. 

“It’s just for fun it’s not a big deal or anything. It’s something we can get together and do,” Brand explained. 

Their practice has given One Day as a Cat new ways to understand music. 

“It kind of gives us another perspective of how we actually have to work together to make it work out or else it’s not going to happen,” Martin stated. 

One Day as a Cat will be trying for their spot in the Battle of the Bands on February 3rd at 3:30 pm. For other bands who are interested in performing sign-ups are still open on papers posted around the school.