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DECA Prepares For International Career Development Conference

Who Will End Up On Top?
Versais Marken
State officer candidates pose together before their competitions.

The DECA International Career (ICDC) is quickly approaching. On April 27, 2024, in Anaheim, California, DECA students will compete, connect, and collaborate with students from all across the world. With more than 25,000 competitors in all 50 states, Washington D.C., Canada, China, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Vietnam, and India, DECA’s international competition supports emerging leaders and business professionals through career and technical education in their particular industry skill.  

Air Academy High School has a robust DECA program, taking over 80 students to district competitions, over 40 students to state, and this year, 20 students to ICDC.

“DECA’s pretty cool. It helps you build skills for marketing, and it helps you to become more professional,” former DECA student Julian Draper said of the program.  

Air Academy High School’s DECA program began preparing for the International Career Development Conference at the beginning of the year. Officers and advisors planned prep nights, group presentations, and scheduled lunch meetings so that each student was given the resources and the opportunity to successfully compete at both the district, state, and soon international competition. 

“I compete in Human Resources Management roleplay and as a State officer representing Colorado DECA. I am practicing roleplay and preparing for my test using flash cards. I am also working on memorizing my speech for the Colorado DECA introduction,” AAHS DECA Officer, Ramah Kammash said. 

Some tactics that are utilized at competitions are memorizing performance indicators. Performance indicators are used in roleplays to understand what each scenario is about, and how to solve business problems. In each business problem, the top 4 go to State and ICDC, but you can also be bumped up as an alternate.

The preparation for the international business competition is extremely intense, and requires training months before the actual event. Students memorize performance indicators for their individual or team roleplay events to better understand how to solve business problems, study for industry specific tests that count for 33% of their scores, and even prepare mentally by getting into the right headspace. 

“Be confident!” Kammash declared, offering advice for current and future DECA members, “You are there for a reason and you earned your spot, so as long as you give it your all then that’s all that matters!”

A common strategy in DECA roleplay events is “fake it till you make it”. A lot of the time judges are simply parents of competing students, or just ordinary people with no business experience. Even if your answers are wrong, your attitude, your stance, your demeanor should say otherwise. Confidence is key in DECA. 

“Pretend like you know all about it even if you don’t,” veteran DECA member, Julia Miller said. 

In each event at the DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC), the top ten winners are considered finalists, and the top three are considered International Champions. As a finalist or champion, you are given international recognition and acclaim, not to mention a substantial addition to your resume. 

That being said, Air Academy has a high potential for success at this year’s DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC). With so many resources and support from advisors, mentors, officers, and administrators, Air Academy DECA is bound to take home the gold!

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