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Abby Weaver Departs from DECA

Abigail Weaver’s Lasting Legacy
Kaitlyn Marks
Abby Weaver on her way to her Advanced Marketing / DECA class.

Abigail Weaver is a graduating senior at Air Academy High School. Along with being a full time student, she also serves as the Colorado DECA District 12 Representative, as well as the co-president of Air Academy DECA along with senior Nathaniel Lumaye. Leading in DECA for two years, Abby Weaver’s legacy will leave a lasting impact on the whole of DECA. 

“Being a DECA officer has been one of the most beneficial experiences. I have learned so much about how to work as a team player while also growing as a leader. I had the opportunity to serve on this team for two years…as the Air Academy President of DECA, but also as the District 12 State officer…and have grown exponentially because of it.,” Weaver said. 

Abby Weaver has been described as approachable, enthusiastic, and graceful in her execution of leadership. With a strong personality, and heart, Weaver has encouraged and motivated the DECA team through district, state, and even international competitions. The big moments and the small moments alike are what make DECA so exciting, welcoming, and enjoyable. 

“Abby’s unique ability to be professional and elegant while also being playful and fun was such a gift to our program. She made others rise to her level of leadership but also made sure that she was always approachable. She is truly remarkable for that ability,” Abby’s mentor and DECA advisor Aly Johnson exclaimed. 

Watching Abby on stage at the State DECA Conference was such a life changing experience for so many. She just belonged up there. It was so exciting to imagine all of the stages she’ll own for the rest of her life, even after high school. 

“I think Abby was a great leader not only for Air Academy but for District 12 as a whole. She brought a sense of encouragement. It’ll be a bittersweet moment when Abby leaves,” Farrah Dozier expressed. 

As a DECA officer, the community amongst members is unmatched. Along with all the Vice Presidents and Directors, each member of DECA considers themselves part of a family. 

As the school year draws to a close, the students of DECA look to the past as a guide to the future. As DECA members look back on competitions, DECA nights, team meetings, and late night study sessions, the conclusion of the year feels more hopeful – a small part in the larger journey. 

“Although I will miss the competition of DECA, the thing I will miss most is the community that has been created. I feel like it is so rare to find a place where wins and losses are celebrated equally and where everyone is welcome,” Weaver said. 

Abby has created a legacy that students of DECA will be striving to achieve for many years. Even at 18 years old, she’s the leader that many want to become. Air Academy DECA will truly be changed for the better when Abby graduates. She has truly brought magic to the whole of the program. The future of Air Academy DECA is brighter than ever. 

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Kaitlyn Marks, Op-Ed Editor
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