The Jetstream Journal

2017-2018 Staff

Jonathan Flat

Managing Editor

Shalom le'kulam, my name is Jonathan Flat and I am the Managing Editor for this outstanding school newspaper. As a 16-year-old in the 12th grade, I'll always be the youngster of my peers. Being a National AP Scholar and a 4-y...

Robert Corl

Managing Editor

My name is Robert Corl and I am a Senior at Air Academy High School. I have been on Air Academy's Speech and Debate team for four years now and have competed at both state and national levels. I love everything political and I...

Whitney Moran

Managing Editor

Whitney Moran here. If I was asked to describe myself in less than 5 minutes, to say I would have a challenge would be a stretch. I am a Varsity lacrosse captain, with a passion for my team and the sport I love. I am social media...

Sydney Grad


Hello, it is me, your local soccer mom. My name is Sydney Grad and I love all things Chicago, unfortunately including the Bears. I am a four year varsity lacrosse player and president of DECA. I was raised on a mix of skiing and...

Jake Werner

Copy Editor, Fun Facts Editor, Jetcast Editor

Hi, my name is Jake Werner and this is my staff profile. I am a Copy Editor, the Fun Facts editor, and the editor of the Jetcast and this is my second year with the Jetstream Journal. Now, you are probably wondering why I joined...

Katlyn Blacksten

Junior Copy Editor

Hello! My name is Katlyn Blacksten, or "Kat" to those who know me. The girls Varsity Basketball team is to blame for that because when I first tried out, there was already a girl named Kaitlin on the team, so my name was changed...

Calvin Yocum

Poll Manager

I am Calvin Yocum. I am the expert of all poll related operations at the Jetstream Journal. I'm currently in my senior year, and I play basketball and soccer. My hobbies include playing the guitar, golfing, playing tennis, spike...

Bethany Diaz

Scene Editor/Junior Business Manager

Howdy ho neighborinos, Bethany Diaz here. I am a senior at Air Academy High School. I'm in marching band and I play the trumpet. I have 6 dogs, 1 cat, and step-siblings. I enjoy listening to music, playing music, and drawing, ...

Ryn Wayman

Social Media Coordinator

Keeping it off the chizzain its Ryn, I love acapella singing and chilling at my house. Extremely vain and better than everyone.

Leilani Hammonds


Hello there! My name is Leilani Hammonds and I'm a junior at AAHS as well as a writer for The Jetstream Journal. Here at Air Academy I'm currently part of the Orchestra playing second violin. I'm the oldest of four siblings and...

Aeden Riggs

Manager: Marketing and Business

Hello, and welcome to this nightmare of a world. Or, at least, that's what most of us think after taking in the news. I'm Aeden Riggs, and personally, I want to pull back the veil and show people what wrong is taking place around...

Reagan Gatlin


Hi, my name is Reagan Gatlin and I am a sophomore at Air Academy High School. Some of my hobbies include playing tennis and hiking. I also love to bake cookies, or anything sweet. I grew up in California and was part of the surf...

Rosalynne Jones


Hello! I'm Rosalynne Jones (but I go by Rose—or, optionally, the Green Giant), and I'm a sophomore. I love cats (and my dog), reading fantasy novels, and writing, because having a social life is just too cool for me. Yup.

Kaitlyn Waynick

Polls Editor

Hi, I'm Kaitlyn. This is my first year at The Jetstream, and I currently hold the position of "polls editor." My hobbies include seeing how many times I can re-watch the series, Friends, on Netflix, and doing yoga. I write about...

Olivia Peluso

Snapshot Editor

Hi, I'm Olivia Peluso and I am a sophomore! Volleyball, tennis, and my friends keep me going. Additionally, I love hiking with my dogs, skiing the slopes, and traveling. With a good book and some popcorn, I can be made happy....

Dylan Featherston


Hello there! I'm Dylan Featherston, your knowledge hub for political extremism and all of the fun that comes with that subject. If you don't know me, I'm that one tall guy. This is my second year with the Jetstream Journal. I...

Campbell Fair

Snapshot Editor

Hola, I'm Campbell Fair! I'm a sophomore at Air Academy High School. I swim, run, and play tennis! You know, if I'm ever missing... I'm in the swimming pool. I LOVE popcorn and my dog sweet pea. I'm so excited to keep Air Academy...

Zoe Bazell


Howdy, I'm Zoe B! I'm a junior here at Air Academy and when it comes to extracurriculars, I don't do anything cooler than writing for our school newspaper. I spend most of my time journaling freely and looking at memes. Baby goats...

Michael Boe

Marketing Manager

Hello. I'm Michael Boe, and this is my first year writing for the JetStream Journal. I'm an author and marketing manager and I love to write articles that offer new ideas or inform or inspire others. I want to make this newspaper...

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