The Jetstream Journal

2019-2020 Staff

Rosalynne Jones

Managing Editor

Suh dudes! I'm Rosalynne Jones (but I go by Rose) and I'm the Jetstream's Managing Editor. I've been on the Journal for two and a half years! I'm a senior and I love playing guitar, writing, drawing, and sleeping way too much....

Casey Hogan

Copy Editor

Wassup! My name is Casey Hogan and I am finally a senior. This is my second year writing for the Jetstream Journal and first year as a Copy Editor.  I am a peanut butter enthusiast and lover of all things chocolate. My friends...

Kailey Baldwin

Copy Editor

Eyo! I'm Kailey. This is my second year on the Jetstream Journal staff. I love writing and plan to study Journalism in college. I love classic rock and cats. I also read tarot cards and enjoy researching aliens and conspiracy...

Parmida Mahdavi

Marketing Manager

heyo i'm mida (short for parmida), and i hate uppercase letters. i am a senior this year at aahs and this is my second year as part of the jetstream journal staff. i'm honored to hold the marketing manager position and the executive...

Jake Klohe


I am a journalist at AAHS, I enjoy skiing and writing in my free time. I also enjoy spending time talking to Friends and making fun out of stuff that is boring.

Riley Cosby


Hey, Riley here! I’m a 16 year old who loves everything music. I play guitar, sing and write songs. Additionally I am also a huge nerd as evidenced by my love for playing Dungeons & Dragons, love of star wars, superheroes,...

Bella Ryska


Hello! My name is Bella Ryska and I am a sophomore this year. I enjoy sleeping and hanging out with friends. My favorite food is french fries but I'm also in love with donuts. This is my first year being a member of the Jetstream...

Aidan Helvey


What's up? I'm Aidan, and I'm a Junior. I love to play music and watch anime, and that's the only thing I do. Talk to me anytime if you want a friend, or some memes. I'm looking forward to being a Journalist this year!

Alex Maline


What's up? I'm Alex Maline, I am a junior on my first year of the Jetstream Journal. Yes, I am wearing a Cross Country singlet and dress pants. It was for a meet I had that day. I am a proud Kadet and I run cross country and swim...

Lexi Riehl


Hi! I'm Lexi Riehl:) I am a senior this year at AAHS, and I'm beyond stoked! I really enjoy being outside regardless of the activity, I am a big nature bug! I love hanging with my family and friends (especially with my two doggos)!...

Aidan Chesemore


Hello there, I am Aidan Chesemore and this is my first year as a Jetstream Journalist. I am the Thespian President for Air Academy and I have been involved in the theater program since 2017. I like writing and listening to Bon...

Mikki Weisstein


Hello, my name is Mikki, and I am a freshmen at Air Academy High School. I am a part of the varsity Cheerleading team at Air Academy. I am a flyer, which basically means they throw me up in the air. I have 5 dogs, 2 cats, a parrot,...

Lana Meyer


Heyo, I'm Lana. This is my first year with The Jetstream Journal. I like to play music, go on adventures, hang out with friends, going to concerts, and I drink way too much ice coffee. This is my senior year. After graduation,...

Natalie Denhof


My name is Natalie and this is my first year writing for the Jetstream Journal. I'm pumped to write some articles and expand my writing skills. I have a tortoise. I enjoy listening to music and eating chicken sandwiches.

Lizzy Dalton


Hello! I am Lizzy! I am a sophomore at Air Academy High School. I love strawberries and Fridays especially when they are together! I hate carrots and I can't be convinced otherwise. I am excited to write and have a fun year with...

Ruthie Evilsizer


Bonjour! My name is Ruthie Evilsizer and I am currently a senior at Air Academy High School. This is my first year being a part of the Jetsream Journal and only my second semester at AAHS. I love laughing, rain, dogs, playing...

Sam Hutton


What's good?! You probably can't tell by my picture, but I actually smile! You can try to talk to me in the hall, (spoiler alert, it won't work!) If you're lucky, you might get a small wave! I'm really looking forward to making...

Jessica Dutton


My name is Jessica, this is my first year writing for the Jet Stream Journal and I am very excited to be apart of this team. I am very interested in writing and my diet consists mostly of waffles and fruit. I run cross country...

Logan Mawhiney


Hello! I'm Logan, and I'm an journalist for the Jetstream Journal. I love reading, writing, and solving Rubik's Cubes. I'm excited to write stories for the journal this year, and I'm also excited to eat pancakes while doing so....

Declan Wittkamp


Hey I am Declan Wittkamp and I am a sophomore at Air Academy High School. I moved to Colorado Springs from Lexington, Kentucky this summer. Right now I play soccer for Air Academy and this is my first year writing for the Jetstream...

Brittany Weber


Hey, my name's Brittany. I'm a senior and this is my first year writing for the Jetstream Journal. I'm a little bit odd; I like to read comics, play video games, and do tech for theatre and choir. I'm slightly obsessed with Harley...

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