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Air Academy High School's Student News Publication

The Jetstream Journal

Air Academy High School's Student News Publication

The Jetstream Journal

High School Time Capsule

Covering the importance of each grade level.
Nate Lumaye
Seniors Avi Kumar and Makena Farrel posing with there Junior Versais Marken

 Air Academy High School (AAHS) 2023-2024 school year is coming to an end. The last day for seniors is May 10, 2024 with graduation following the next week on May 15, 2024. The rest of students will be finishing school on May 22, 2024.  With the last few weeks of school coming to an end the transition between grade levels and a chapter of life a students career is coming to an end. 

“Graduating this year is very bitter sweet. Going through all four years at AAHS has brought me so many memories and I hope everyone currently and those coming to AAHS in the future take ahold of every opportunity possible,” senior Leonor Marlow expressed.

Regardless of a student’s opinion on school the transition between grade levels can be exciting and for some potentially daunting. With each grade level comes both new challenges but also opportunities. AAHS does its best to have something for everyone regardless of a grade level.

For incoming freshmen this is an official warm welcome to high school! This is finally the last year of your student career before college. While it may seem there is still four years ahead until graduation these will be the fastest years of school experienced so far. Along with that they are the most crucial years of your schooling.

“It feels as if I just started my freshman year. This year has truly flown by and I cannot wait to spend the next few years at AAHS” freshman Maya Booker stated.

High school is the lead up to becoming an adult. While not everyone chooses to attend college, high school is the time to build your academic folder whether it is through the classes taken, sports, club, and or volunteering hours. As a freshman truly explore all potential interests you have this first year so as you climb grades you can find some peace and discover what interests that may carry over into the future. 

Sophomores, congrats on finishing your first year of high school. At AAHS you have some many new potential opportunities headed your way. You are now able to join programs such as DECA, STUCO (Student council), Journalism, and many more things. As a sophomore you are no longer the babies of high school; however, there are still a lot of things you need to learn and experience. 

Sophomore year is open to so many different things academically but this is also a time where many students are gaining their license. Getting a license is very exciting but comes with a lot of responsibilities. Remember to use this new freedom carefully.

“This past year I balanced school two sports softball and cheer, and challenged myself by joining DECA. This has grown me to be more involved with the school,” sophomore Bailey Williams stated

Welcome to being an upperclassman. Juniors this year is going to be your toughest by far, leading up to everything for college. This year grades are crucial along with your ability to stand out inside clubs. With that there are also many more opportunities for juniors that are not just grade related.

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