Glory or Gloom: The Influence of Energy Drinks

Why are energy drinks so popular among young adults, and how do they affect the body?


Freshman Amelia Norenburg drinking a famous Red Bull before her lacrosse game.

Energy drinks have become a prominent beverage throughout America, more specifically among young teenagers. Energy drinks have both positive and negative effects on both a health and mental level. Many people have different opinions on drinking energy drinks, especially students at Air Academy High School. In addition to this, many athletes and students have different opinions on the matter.

“I love energy drinks from Celcius to even Red Bulls, they are all very good to drink. However I try to limit myself when it comes to drinking them often. For example I drink one maybe per week or sometimes I drink a whole gallon of water before giving an energy drink a try,” freshman Amelia Norenburg said.

Physical health being the biggest concern for a lot of young adults is priority. Many adults have concerns with the health defects such as dehydration, an irregular heartbeat or even insomnia from all the built up energy. However, it seems that dehydration is the biggest concern for athletes here at AAHS. 

“As a runner it can be hard to stay so energized and feel like I can run far enough without energy drinks. But my mom makes me limit myself and I try to set a mental goal to drink enough water per day before practice or a meet,” junior Bethany Michalak stated. 

Energy drinks do not provide electrolytes and have a higher likelihood of a “crash-and-burn” effect. Caffeine excretes water from the body to dilute the sugar entering the bloodstream, which can lead to dehydration. 

“I actually do not like drinking energy drinks, I prefer coffee as my form of energy. I think I just don’t like the sparkling taste of most energy drinks so I don’t drink them most of the time,” junior Anna Cummings stated. 

A lot of students here at AAHS, have a preference with which form of energy they prefer whether it be an energy drink or coffee at times. Energy drinks are not always the grandest things out there and a large majority of students actually say that the hype around energy drinks is not always what it appears to be.

“Being on the football team with everyone doing pre-workout, but Coach Grinde does not let the whole football team drink any energy drinks, soda, or coffee. He does not let us drink it the whole season because he doesn’t want us to risk getting dehydrated,” sophomore Alexander Drago stated.

All in all, it seems that energy drinks have fans, but also some haters. Brands such as Red Bull, Celsius, or even Alani Nu, have become prominent in society. Many young people feel the pressure to try or even force themselves to like energy drinks. Here at AAHS many students do prefer energy drinks and it is not always students who prefer them since a lot of teachers prefer to drink them throughout the day. Without a doubt, many students will always have a preference with what they prefer to keep them awake or energized, especially if energy drinks are in the picture.