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Wyatt Driscoll Takes On A World of Opportunity

Wyatt Driscoll Blasts Off with Opportunities!
Jenny Driscoll
Wyatt preforming as Willy Wanka in a theater production

Air Academy High School (AAHS) has many fantastic students. Many AAHS students show school spirit, participate in different clubs and activities, and build life-lasting relationships with their peers and teachers. However, Wyatt Driscoll recently joined AAHS and is already one of the most notable students that the school has ever seen.

Wyatt Driscoll is a junior here at AAHS who joined this year, and he’s already decided to show some school spirit by being a part of the upcoming theater production!

“So I’m playing King Triton in The Little Mermaid. It’s a really talented group, we’re having a lot of fun, and I’m super excited for people to see it,” junior Wyatt Driscoll exclaimed.

After speaking to some of the show’s cast members, they all only had positive things to say about him and his performances!

“He’s such a positive person and I think that him playing this part that he got is a perfect part for hi because of his voice range and the way he acts, I think it’s just perfect for him,” freshman Gabe Levy shared.

The upcoming theater production isn’t the only thing he’s excited to be working on. Wyatt does a lot of extracurriculars, such as theater productions and an improved group!

“I definitely do a decent amount of extracurricular stuff. I do theater stuff outside of school; with an organization called CYT, I’m also on an improved team with fellow Kadet Michael Ellsworth. I try to balance that with athletic stuff like skateboarding and parkour. I also play many games and really like analyzing and writing about games and movies,” Driscoll stated.

Wyatt and his improved group are talented and have been touring and competing, sharing laughs and experiences with everyone they meet!

“Our improvement group was formed a year ago, and our first name was the moist towelettes. We play many games to try and get laughs from the audience. Our most popular game would be chit-chat, which is a musical improv game where we make up a musical on the spot.

Wyatts is extremely helpful in that game because he is wonderful with harmonies and brings top-notch puns and rhymes,” University of Colorado Springs senior Carter Black noted.

It’s important for people to be their best, not only for themselves but also for others. With that in mind, there are so many ways people can be like Wyatt or have many of the same or similar positive attributes that he has.

“Students should be like Wyatt Driscoll because he is a friend to all. He is incredibly kind and open to letting people join in on conversations or video games. Just say the word, and he’ll be there. His mind works in many complex ways, whether it be with music school work or a genuine problem. He will do what he can to get the job done. Wyatt is a stand-up gentleman, and I am very blessed to call him my best friend,” Black praised.

For students who also happen to have a lot on their plates, Wyatt shared a piece of advice everyone should take to heart.

“If you want to pursue those extra goals, you need to put your all into academics as well so you have nothing holding you back. It’s a balancing act, and it can seem like a lot. Know what you can handle and stay consistent,” Driscoll shared.

Students and teachers alike should try their best to overcome life’s challenges and tribulations like Wyatt Driscoll, one step at a time!

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