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Mrs. Bornhofen’s Beneficent Battle of the Brackets

Mrs. B MM bracket pool is teaching the branding of the NCAA tournament.
Senior Jaiden Finkle with his March Madness bracket.

March Madness is one of the most exciting sports events every year and Air Academy’s High School Mrs. Bornhofen is showing her students just why it is one of the best events of the year. Mrs. B teaches a lot of business and sports marketing classes so she found a way to involve March Madness into her lessons and agendas. She decided to have a bracket pool with all of the classes she teaches and the student with the best bracket will win a certain prize.

Mrs. B was teaching on how the men and women’s tournaments are different from each other. She was explaining the different kinds of revenue that each tournament gets during March. The main point she focuses on teaching is how the women’s tournament attracted more viewers than the men’s tournament this 2024 college basketball season. 

Mrs. B’s sports marketing class teaches her students on how different sporting events promote certain brands. Since the NCAA tournament has been going on she has been teaching her marketing classes on the different kinds of brand deals the NCAA is getting for the tournament. In addition to this, she is having everyone in her class participate whether they take basketball seriously or not watch it at all.

“It is a fun way to get the kids engaged more into the sports marketing world, it doesn’t matter if you have watched a lot of college basketball or zero college basketball,” Mrs. B stated.

The bracket pool that Mrs. B is different from others because not a lot of knowledge on college basketball is needed to be able to participate. Unlike other bracket pools, it allows students to participate  for fun and not for money like some other pools. This is good considering most bracket pools can get super competitive 

The most picked team to win the national championship in Mrs. B’s bracket pool was UConn. The second most popular pick was the University of Purdue Boilermakers. Not only does Mrs. B classes think UConn is gonna win the national championship, Mrs. B thinks so as well in the bracket she filled out for her pool.

 “I really enjoyed filling this for Mrs. B, it was nice to be able to fill out a bracket without being super stressed or overthinking it,” senior Brad Wieker stated. 

Mrs. B brackets allow her students to be able to fill it out without being stressed on getting the perfect bracket. She also gave the option to fill out multiple brackets, one for the girls bracket and one for the guys bracket.

“I think it is cool that she does this, it doesn’t matter if you watched a lot of college basketball this year or none at all,” junior Zander Hames expressed.

The bracket pool allows students like Zander to have an opportunity to participate in stuff like this. It gives them the chance to fill out a bracket when they have very little knowledge on what has happened in the college basketball season. This makes Mrs. B bracket pool enjoyable and exciting compared to other bracket pools during March Madness. 

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