Why English Teachers Celebrate the Best!

Christmas is coming around and teachers are celebrating in some interesting ways!


It’s the season of Christmas music, and with that comes snow.

The holidays are coming soon and Air Academy High School students and faculty could not be more excited, but a certain department is going the extra mile to celebrate the holidays in fun and exciting ways! The English teachers at AAHS have truly proven their spirit for the holidays as they are finding new and interesting ways to celebrate with their family and friends. American Literature teacher, Kimberly Cross, shared some of the fun things she does with her family. 

 “Usually me and my girls make Christmas cookies together, the usual stuff, but this year is different. My daughter created a google slide show so everybody in the family has a place to put the things they want and they rank them,” Cross said. 

With the holidays approaching, the English department commented on the significance of the holidays and what it means to them with some of the teachers reflecting on the religious importance of the holidays. The holiday’s significance spreads out so widely from person to person with some spending it with family whereas others think that the religious aspect of it is the most significant part. New English teacher, Donald Falslev, commented on the importance of Christmas and what it means to him and his family. 

“We definitely celebrate Christmas, we exchange gifts, and we acknowledge the birth of Christ and we always put up some decorations, we have traditions that we decorate as a family, we usually gather on Christmas eve and open up one gift from a family member, in a word in short, lots of family time,” Falslev said. 

As teachers have been showing their spirit throughout the school, some have also been showing it throughout their community by participating in events such as singing carols, participating in holiday-themed events at local businesses, setting up Christmas trees, and even doing holiday-themed runs! English teacher Joann Cassano is a true example of showing spirit through her community. Cassano remarked on the activities she does throughout the community and with her family.

“I do the electric zafari at the zoo, I look at holiday lights throughout town, we watch Christmas movies,” Cassano said. 

As the English department celebrates the holidays with their families and loved ones, they come together as one and celebrate together. Giving gifts to one another, eating delicious Christmas meals, and truly getting to cherish each teacher for who they are is a fantastic part of the holiday experience. This is important to the English department because they get to relax and relate to each other in the only way they know how being English. The school-centered activity they do is a book exchange. Literature teacher Dallas Hall remarked on the activities they do at the get-together and where it is taking place. 

 “We have a department Christmas party for today, we are going to the view house and doing a book exchange,” Hall said. 

The Christmas spirit has spread throughout the AAHS teaching staff and while other departments try to celebrate the best they can, no one does it more profoundly than the English department!