Let’s Start with Good Things

Good Things. A positive practice implemented at Air Academy that houses multiple physical and intellectual benefits.


Junior Grace Criswell gives her approval to start the day positively.

Junior Savannah Braden provides a thumbs-up to kick off the school day in a positive manner. The photo was taken by Junior Gracie Criswell.

James Brown’s upbeat song of “I Got You (I Feel Good)” is a wonderful tune that embodies what Air Academy High School stands for. Having a positive attitude and learning in an optimistic environment is crucial to academic engagement. Through uplifting students, teachers are able to encourage peer connection and establish community within the classroom.

A way that this is integrated into classrooms is through the practice of good things at the start of class. The approach to this system was adopted through the initiative to uphold the beliefs of the Capturing Kids Heart (CKH) organization. This particular organization founded in 1990 was produced to enhance educators’ approaches towards creating a positive learning environment for students. By implementing this system at AAHS, a more positive atmosphere has developed within the past five years. 

Having said this, the atmosphere of AAHS has greatly been influenced through the practice of good things. By discussing good things daily, students are able to not only share experiences within their personal lives but also support the fundamental principles of the CKH organization. 

“I always have encouraged students to share good things at the start of class. This is an important component of our Capturing Kids’ Hearts initiative,” English teacher David Miles noted. 

As Miles exclaimed, sharing good things is crucial towards student engagement and supporting exceptional organizations. However, this raises the question of whether or not good things provide physical or even intellectual benefits?

The answer is yes. 

According to an article written by Harvard Business Review entitled “Positive Intelligence”, there is a direct correlation between positive actions and academic improvement. 

“Research shows that when people work with a positive mindset, performance on nearly every level—productivity, creativity, engagement—improves,” author Shawn Achor stated. 

The connection between engagement and positivity showcases incredible outcomes. Through this positive impact, it is evident why AAHS would want to implement positive practices. Going along with this correlation, further research reveals how interaction is crucial amongst society, but more specifically how it impacts students. 

“There is a lot of research indicating that our brains need a cue to transition from the interaction and social stresses that can happen in hallways or at lunch to the academic tasks common to classrooms.  Good things are one way to make that happen. I also believe it’s super important for staff connects with kids as humans first and as scholars second,” assistant principal Liz Walhof commented. 

Walhof alludes to the concept that good things drive human interaction and curate a sense of emotion. In addition to this, expressing emotion amongst other students is vital for communication and interdependence. 

In contrast to the intellectual benefits that good things possess, they also establish meaningful relationships. By developing strong relationships with teachers, students enhance their overall understanding of a given subject. 

“It also adds a trusting and appropriate student teacher relationship,” senior Bryce Robinson exclaimed. 

As Robinson reveals, good things not only impact students’ relationships but also demonstrates multiple positive impacts. Through the practice of good things at AAHS, students are able to thrive in their academic environments and exceed their personal expectations. Taking this into consideration, good things can be so influential and instills a positive message for students.