The Make-A-Wish Fundraiser

How did the students of AAHS contribute to making a child’s wish come true?


Students at the Make-A-Wish assembly. Photo taken by Kendall Orr.

The Make-A-Wish fundraiser was a huge success! The original goal was to raise $7,000 and the sweet, generous, and kindhearted students of Air Academy High School absolutely smashed it by raising $9,000.

AAHS teamed up with the good people at the Make-A-Wish foundation and hosted a school fundraiser. A child named Kahlani was diagnosed with terminal cancer, which must have been very difficult to endure. Thankfully, AAHS and the Make-A-Wish foundation were able to raise more than enough money for her treatment and reward her with a trip to Disney World.

To celebrate this awesome achievement, an assembly was held during school. The students went absolutely crazy over the ceremony. During the Make-A-Wish assembly, Principal Daniel Olson managed to bench press 465 pounds.

The students should also commend Spanish teacher, Kendall Orr, for organizing this fundraiser. She was kind enough to help 3-year-old Kahlani pursue her dream of going to Disney World. Due to the fact that Kahlani was in a battle against terminal cancer, it enabled the students of AAHS to continuously hope and pray for her survival.

Terminal cancer, also known as end-stage cancer, is a type of cancer that cannot be cured or treated. This cancer is highly demanding to survive and battle through. Aside from that, the money goal of $7,000 never would have been achieved or surpassed without the help of AAHS students.

Unfortunately, some of the students were not able to donate to the Make-A-Wish foundation. However, the majority of the students in the school did donate $1 or more. Although many students were not able to donate money to the fundraiser, they did, however, care about the little girl and her survival.

“I enjoy helping people in need,” senior football player Nathaniel Lewis stated.

“I want to help kids have a happy Thanksgiving. There was not anything that I hated about this fundraiser. I did not want kids to not have any food to eat on Thanksgiving. I think everyone should participate in these kinds of fundraisers to help all kinds of people who are in need,” Lewis noted.

Lewis, unfortunately, was not able to donate to the fundraiser, but still cared about the cause deeply. Another student who was also not able to donate money and or contribute to the fundraiser was sophomore Logan Nour.

“I liked that this fundraiser was for a good cause. I was hoping to achieve our money goal, and we surpassed it. I hated nothing about this fundraiser. I wanted avoid having something severe happen to the little girl before she got to go to Disney Land Resort. I believe that everyone should definitely participate in these fundraisers without a doubt to help other kids and/or teenagers that are in need of support, ” Nour commented.

Even though those students were not able to donate, they did care about Kahlani and wanted her to pursue her wish. In conclusion, the super awesome students of AAHS absolutely smashed the money goal!

If you would like to learn more about the cause, please watch the video provided below: