Powder Puff: The Match of the Year

Powder Puff unites classes in a friendly competition. The annual Powder Puff game between the Junior and Senior Class ended with the seniors taking the win in double overtime. For each class, bringing 70 classmates together and making them work cohesively against another 70 of their peers is a challenging task, for both coaches and players. Phelan Castellano (Junior Coach) says, “The hardest part of communicating with the team was that there were so many coaches and every one of them wanted to do their own thing, when there were only a certain number of positions.”

On both sides there were arguments about the opposing team cheating, but there was no proof. By the end of the game however, the seniors had many more penalties than the juniors. Despite the seniors’ setbacks and the juniors’ extra practices, the game ended with a score of 20-19, with the seniors barely pulling off the win.

During the game, freshmen and sophomores were watching anxiously. A group of sophomores went to scout the juniors for next year’s Powder Puff game. Sophomore Brady Becco says, “The juniors have a really strong team and it will be hard to beat them when we’re the juniors.”

All of that aside, Powder Puff does exactly what it is supposed to do: it unites the classes, encourages hard work and perseverance, and gives everyone an unforgettable high school memory. Powder Puff has had its rough times in the past when players got upset about the outcome. This year, no one got mad enough to do something drastic, and the juniors still have next year to win. But no matter the outcome, it set Air Academy High School up with an amazing spirit week and a Homecoming Dance to cap it all off.

With the dance being set in stone, the administration has had a couple of close calls over the past few years where they have almost had to cancel the Powder Puff game. Usually, the juniors and seniors decorate the courtyard or the student parking lot with streamers and class-colored paint. Whatever the mess ends up being, the students have to clean up in order to play Powder Puff.

Later in the week, the senior captains shaved the junior coaches’ legs. The seniors continued their winning streak by taking the Spirit Stick.

Already, Sophomores and Juniors look forward to facing off in next year’s Powder Puff game.