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8th Grade Night Attracts New Student Prospects

Air Academy Makes Its First Impression
Kaitlyn Marks
DECA Officers provide free Frappuccino samples to prospective Kadets. From left to right, Addison Keady, Alyssa Johnson (DECA advisor), Avery Senkoff, Mckenna Farrell, and Abigail Weaver.

On February 7, from six to eight p.m. in the Media Center, Air Academy High School hosted 8th Grade Information Night (8th Grade Night). The open house served as an introduction to the school, encouraging parents and prospective students to decide if the academic and extracurricular program offerings at Air Academy were the right fit for them. 

8th Grade Night attracts an assemblage of newcomers. (Kaitlyn Marks)

Co curricular clubs, non curricular clubs, academic programs, and CTE courses set up informational stands around the school, displaying their instructional areas and achievements. Link Crew members led students on guided tours across the campus, Kadet Coffee provided free coffee samples, and Student Council raised awareness with a cotton candy booth for younger students as well. 

“8th grade night was a big success. We gave out free slushy samples to the 8th graders and their families, talked about our business program, and told them which classes they could join as freshmen. We got a lot of exposure for FBLA and DECA,” FBLA teacher and advisor Lindsay Bornhofen said. 

Throughout the night, it became overwhelmingly clear that many 8th grade students and their parents were very interested in the business program, specifically DECA.

“There’s always a lot of excitement because we hand out free samples which really gets the conversation started. Sometimes kids are a little nervous to engage, but if they have a frappe in their hand, they start asking questions. It’s also very emotional for me, because I can remember very vividly my seniors visiting on 8th grade night, and it’s just a cool full circle moment,” DECA teacher and advisor, Mrs. Johnson said. 

The business program as a whole received plenty of visibility from prospective students, many expressing that the program was a deciding factor in their choice between District 20 high schools.  

Not only did the business program receive exposure, but so did non curricular clubs like the GSTA, Tea Club

, and Film Club who were located in Upper and Lower D Building as well. 

“One student even reported to Mr. Olson that the thing he liked most at 8th grade night was the GSTA table, because the people were so positive and welcoming,” GSTA and Tea Club sponsor, Cris Robson said. 

Mrs. Robson received lots of positive feedback from parents and administrators about the

Anime club table eagerly waits for oncoming 8th graders. (Kaitlyn Marks)

inclusiveness of her clubs. Parents, especially, were thrilled to see the impact of diversity at Air Academy. 

Mr. Mccartney, the teacher newly in charge of the Media Arts Academy, a recently developed Career and Technical Educational Academy, also spread the word about his new programs and his after school club, Film Club. 

“8th Grade Night really helped my club. I was able to showcase it, and how much of a hub it is for socialization and comradery. My students were really able to impress the 8th graders and the parents, and it was great to see my students advocating for their passions. I thought it was a complete success,” Film Club sponsor Thomas Mccartney said. 

Air Academy received positive reviews and feedback following this year’s 8th Grade Night. Students and parents alike were exceedingly impressed by the school’s dedication to academic excellence, diverse program offerings, and overall school culture. All in all, Air Academy made a great first impression. 

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