Mrs.Walhof: The Administrative Sensation!

Let’s hear it for the administrator of the year, Mrs. Liz Walhof!


Air Academy High School assistant principal, Liz Walhof, sharing a genuine smile after receiving a bouquet of flowers after winning Administrator of the Year! Photo provided by Liz Walhof.

From organizing administrative tasks to prioritizing student safety, the work of assistant principal, Liz Walhof, is highly commendable. The efforts of Walhof are evident not only in the busting halls of Air Academy High School, but also in the Academy District 20 community.

Prior to her assistant principal position, Walhof attended both Northern Arizona University and the University of Phoenix where she obtained a degree in Spanish education. During her time in college, Walhof fueled her passion for teaching. 

“…I love being able to work with students, help them, and just enjoy their lovely craziness. I feel like it’s my calling to work with and love on people through education,” Walhof noted. 

Her passion for teaching enabled her to assume the position of assistant principal at AAHS where she facilitates growth in the classroom through creative problem solving and overseeing the English and Language department. 

“I appreciate it anytime people trust me to try to take care of them, work with them to solve a problem, or to share something awesome with them,” Walhof continued. 

Walhof’s positivity is a driving factor in her overall success at AAHS, which has enabled her to make a genuine impact among students and staff members. 

“The way I would describe Mrs. Walhof is that she is always smiling, finds the good in any situation and her joy is beyond measurement,” history and government teacher, Christopher Gunn, stated.

As Gunn noted, the positive and lighthearted nature of Walhof instills an enthusiastic classroom environment for all students. In this regard, Walhof’s ability to establish meaningful interpersonal relationships with students is truly an incredible skill.

“My favorite thing about her is how special she makes you feel when you see her out and about. You might be having a rough day…but if she comes and says hi, it gets better!” Junior Anna Cummins remarked. 

Cummins and many other students share similar experiences on the matter and recognize the daily impact that Walhof houses at AAHS. Taking this into consideration, through her exceptional communication and administrative skills, Walhof has been voted Admin of the Year. 

“I appreciate that people recognize my hard work and voted me Admin of the Year this year. It’s the second time and it feels good to be recognized among such great fellow administrators,” Walhof exclaimed. 

The appreciative and optimistic nature of Walhof not only allows her to receive distinguished awards, but also enables her to practice her passion everyday in the energetic hallways of AAHS. 

The impact that Walhof houses at AAHS is truly admirable and deserves considerable recognition. AAHS not only benefits from the continuous efforts of Walhof, but is candidly affected by her imaginative spirit and lovable personality, which allows her to increase the positive atmosphere at AAHS both in and out of the classroom.