Liv Carr Takes on Social Media!

Meet Air Academy High School senior, Liv Carr, and how is she becoming a young influencer?


Liv Carr

Senior Liv Carr at her local Walmart excitedly promoting skin care brand, Bubble.

Recently, social media has held a significant impact on today’s youth. Many companies now rely on young influencers to grow and develop their businesses. Today, at Air Academy High School, senior Liv Carr and her supporters share the highlights and difficulties of having an online presence in order to help others who may be interested in the world of social media. 

Because of quick technological advancements, many companies have had to rely on newer marketing techniques to grow their audience. One of these techniques includes paying social media users known as influencers to promote their products online. 

“Influencers, owing to their massive reach, have the power to increase brand exposure and boost brand awareness. When an influencer recommends or endorses your brand, their followers are likely to take notice,” writers at Grin shared in an article entitled “Why Influencer Marketing Is an Important Part of Today’s Businesses.”

From a young age, senior Liv Carr has been given the opportunity to work with various companies such as Kidzbop, which set her up for online popularity. 

“My social media presence started in 6th grade when I was being pulled into Kidzbop, and they required me to be on Instagram at a minimum. If you look at early posts it’s my journey of navigating different opportunities for performing,” Carr explained. 

Because of her prominent roles in the world of music, theater, and fashion, Carr has been able to help companies such as the Outlets at Castle Rock better promote their products. 

“[Liv] has a never give up attitude that I love. We use her for fashion shows, TV News segments and special events. She got into social all on her own.  She’s always tagging us and others,” president of Fashion Guru, Peggy Ziglin, mentioned.

 Through having a platform, it allows people to have many wonderful opportunities. However, having to manage both regular activities and social ones can become stressful and time consuming.

“Sadly, companies and opportunities WANT a huge follow base because it’s free publicity for them when they bring you on. So you can’t just let it go while you are working on your next dream,” Carr shared. 

What has really allowed Carr to grow her platform is not only her many talents but also her confidence, experience, and overall eye for fashion and trends. These attributes overall make her the perfect candidate for companies to use as a way to promote products.

“She’s very confident in what she does. She knows the poses, she knows the information and how to promote.  It’s a lot easier to be an influencer when you’ve been doing it for as long as she has,” junior Haylee Hickey noted. 

Having seen the many different sides of social media apps such as Instagram and TikTok, Carr has seen first hand the dark and light different posts can bring. 

“I feel as though there is some mental health issues that can arise due to posts; however, positive posts can change someone’s life,” Carr explained. 

Having a large following has allowed Liv to help companies, experience the ups and downs of social media, gain knowledge about the real world, and overall mature as a person.