How Senior Natalie Inazu Won the J100 Character in Leadership Scholarship!

What is the J100 Character in Leadership Scholarship and who won?


Senior Vice Wing Commander, Natalie Inazu, in her service dress uniform posing in front of both the Colorado state flag and the American flag. Taken by her father, Mike Inazu.

With one of the best JROTC programs in the country, it’s no surprise that senior Natalie Inazu was awarded a full-ride scholarship to the university of her choice. With the support of her friends, family, and mentors, Inazu has shown immense leadership and character, making her the perfect candidate for the J100 Character in Leadership Scholarship. Inazu can be seen as an inspiration to other students interested in the JROTC program and what it has to offer. 


The J100 Character in Leadership Scholarship includes various perks including fully paid tuition and $10,000 for books and housing. In order to be applicable, students must have a 50 in physical fitness, two years of AFJROTC experience, and a grade point average of 3.0 or above. 


“Well-rounded cadets who have demonstrated leadership, character, and citizenship in and out of JROTC,” are the ideal candidates for the scholarship, writers at Air University mentioned. 


The JROTC program here at AAHS offers many activities including drill team and community service. Activities like these help build character and leadership skills. 


“JROTC’s mission is to develop citizens of leadership dedicated to serving their nation and their community,” JROTC instructor COL Robert Huber stated. “We have a pretty big community service component because the object is to get high school students interested in giving back to their community.”


The Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps community at AAHS does not come without sacrifice. For some students, the extracurriculars that come with the program can be difficult to manage with the stress of classes. 


“There were many late nights to complete her course load and things she had to say no to in order to have time for all of it,” Inazu’s mother, Emily Inazu, remarked.


What really paved the way for Inazu’s success was her involvement in the school and in Colorado Springs. Since her freshman year, Inazu has participated in as many extracurriculars as possible 


“Be active and participate, do things to make you stand out, and make sure to be kind and humble,” Inazu recommended to future students interested in becoming a part of the program. 


Inazus prominent part in AAHS’s drill team as Vice Wing Commander played a big role in her success as the winner of the J100 Character in Leadership Scholarship


“It was a great honor to be able to serve in these positions and I learned a lot about how to lead a team, keep up morale, focus on the healthy qualities that make up a leader, and how to work with people through conflict,” Inazu noted.


Being a part of JROTC allowed Inazu to grow a sense of community and to learn what it’s like to be a part of something greater than herself. During her time in the program, she developed crucial skills that are important traits to have as a cadet in the military. 


 “She repeatedly demonstrated the ability to lead students in her current position” Inazu’s mother shared. “When Natalie sets her mind to something she does what she needs to do to accomplish it.”


Being a part of such an important role in the school and the community sets students up for amazing opportunities including full-tuition scholarships. Becoming a part of the JROTC program at AAHS allows students like Inazu to grow and learn in order to become well-established individuals in society.