Air Academy High’s Very Own Boettcher Finalists!

Air Academy High School senior, Joseph Brock, is a finalist for the rigorous and competitive Boettcher scholarship!


Photo taken by Joseph Brock

Senior Joseph Brock, a Boettcher Scholarship finalist, posing for his senior portrait. Photo referenced from Joseph Brock.

Here at Air Academy High School, students take great pride in academics. One of the many astonishing scholarship opportunities given to students is the Boettcher Scholarship.  The Boettcher Scholarship was established in 1952 and is Colorado’s top undergraduate merit-based full-ride scholarship.

Every year, only 100 finalists are selected from a pool of over 2,000 applicants among Colorado high school students and 50 students are awarded a full-ride scholarship to any Colorado institution. AAHS senior, Joseph Brock, has gotten the lucky opportunity of being a Boettcher finalist.   

“I know the Boettcher Scholar program will support me in achieving my aspirations of attending college and, eventually, medical school. I am truly honored to be even considered for this scholarship,” Brock said. 

Brock has been in the rigorous process for a long time now since September 2022. Being even considered for the scholarship is an honor for any high school student. The Boettcher program is highly invested in personal experiences and how a student has thrived as a leader in spite of their personal circumstances.

“In March 2022, after many months of various doctor visits and endless tests, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease,” Brock said. 

This unexpected turn in Brock’s journey will not stop him in achieving his dreams for the future. Brock has been determined about his future since day one and is very lucky to be narrowed down as a finalist. 

“I know I’ll be able to forge my future and gain the experience I need to attain my goals of becoming a board-certified cardiac anesthesiologist and medical scientist,” Brock enthusiastically stated.

Along with Brock, there were three other AAHS students who were successful in attaining semi-finalist positions in the scholarship process. One of the most challenging and exciting parts of the process will take place in early March 2023 when all finalists go to Denver for an extensive interview with over ten members of the Boettcher selection committee.

“I have made sure over the years I was challenging myself and staying involved outside of school. I volunteered a lot for non-profit organizations, and tried to main tame consistency for my resume,” senior Ratna Unnikrishnan said positively in an interview about her being a semi-finalists for the Boettcher Scholarship. 

Similar to Unnikrishnan, seniors Quinn Harrand and Lola Fielke are also some of the very lucky contesters for the scholarship. 

“Unfortunately I was not a finalist, only a semi finalist. However I know Joseph Brock is a finalist, and he is very honored by the opportunity,” Harrand mentioned about the Boettcher Scholarship.  

The program is much more than just a scholarship. The Boettcher Scholars program provides enrichment opportunities to help grow the leadership potential of the scholars and enhance the learning process. Overall, AAHS is extremely honored and proud to have Brock and other AAHS representatives highlighted for an amazing academic opportunity!