The Take Over of Stanley Cups!

How has a simple product to drink water taken over the internet by storm?


Sophomore Liza Clark, (far left), senior Bree Mason (middle) and junior Ally Collins (far right) show off their Stanley Cups to student council and all they have to offer for other students.

High school is a time for many young students to take on trends, styles, and different habits. Here at Air Academy High School, it seems that the newest impulse is Stanley Cups. The trend of buying Stanley Cups came later on in late 2022. While that may have been the introduction of the cups, the trend is still heavily being brought into 2023. While the cups are welcomed to anyone to use, it seems that Stanley Cups have more of a grasp on girls across the country. Looking more into how this trend has grasped girls here at AAHS, it raises the question of what is so special about them?  

“I bought my Stanley Cup, way before it became a trend. I really love my Stanley Cup! It comes with a straw so I feel I’m drinking more water, and it can fit in my car cup holders. However I think what got me really hooked to them was how many pretty colors it can come in,” junior Ally Collins stated. 

It seems that while the brand Hydro Flask is still very commonly known, most Stanley Cup users say that having both is perfect for convenience purposes. The brand Stanley has many different designs, however, the most commonly known design is a 40 oz tumbler with a handle. Yet, what makes the Stanley Cup so intriguing and appealing to girls? 

“I was just shopping on Amazon one day when I saw the cup. I clicked on it and it just automatically intrigued me to buy it. A week later I loved it so much more than my Hydroflask that I just kept buying the same design just in different colors,” senior Bree Mason Said. 

Not only does the Stanley Cup accommodate basic hydration needs, but there also seems to be a downfall to the cups. It may vary between different people and their experience with the cup, but junior Anna Cummings had some regrets when making the purchase. 

“Don’t get me wrong I love the cup and carry it with me everywhere, but I do have some downfalls when making the purchase. Not only did I pay 80 dollars for the 40 OZ cup, but once you fill it up with water it can get really heavy. I also regret buying a cup that is so widely popular, I like the things I buy to be unique,” Cummings said. 

The Stanley Cup has taken over the country and the internet for that matter. With it being so widely popular, maybe it’s a good thing that a convenient item is still so popular on the market. 

“Everyone should buy a Stanley Cup due to the favorability of having it, while it may be so popular, I think it looks prettier and works better for me than any other water bottle I’ve ever used,” sophomore Liza Clark said passionately. 

The growth and development of the Stanley brand still has a very bright future. With the internet promoting the brand and many young girls across the country loving the brand, the economic effect this brand has had on many people is beyond belief. Any type of a simple product can be another mass example of how easily people are persuaded to buy a product such as the Stanley Cup.