What is the Transition like Going into Second Semester?

How do teachers plan for first semester in comparison to second semester?


Kendrick Latreille

Mrs. Sinkola planning out the next semester on her computer.

There are few jobs that are not stressful and many that are. Being a high school teacher during the transition between first and second semester can be one of the most stressful times. Teachers are trained to handle and deal with this transition well, but how? There is planning and serious time management, but not all teachers do it the same way. 

“There are departments that do it differently because of the apparent differences in courses of course. I haven’t seen many differences on how I plan my semester versus how other language teachers do depending on the language,” Spanish teacher Taryn Spencer said.

While teachers in different departments may do it differently, they never talk about how much time it may take to plan a whole semester of continuous work and learning for their students. Depending on the student though, they could already have the second semester planned out and ready to go. 

“Every teacher I know plans their next semester based on what their students are like and what they have noticed they are most compatible with. I do the same but then again most of the time eventually find something that works every time and they just might need to tweak through the second semester,” Social Studies teacher Barry Clark said.

While there are differences between departments, there are not many through the teachers within. There are differences within schools based on the subject, but also with different schools not under the same district. Various districts have different ways of teaching and ways to do it. This then changes the ways of teaching and the curriculum taught.

“Well, Coronado being a district eleven school it is taught differently. I know some teachers at the air academy and we sometimes collaborate and speak on what we teach and how we teach it. I guess Coronado has a somewhat slower approach to teaching compared to Air Academy high school,” Math teacher Carly Smith said. 

There is an apparent difference between schools and businesses, but some may be wondering if they have similarities in quarters and semesters and how they transfer? It also depends on other factors such as location.

“Businesses and schools operate differently because of the obvious differences that they have, my business operates on a monthly basis. There have been instances where I have worked in businesses that operate on a quarterly schedule but they won’t move quickly as one that is monthly,” CEO Derrick Latreille said. 

In the end, the transition will not always be stressful for every teacher. There are many factors to consider when thinking of this subject and trying to understand what a teacher may undergo from first to second semester. Teachers will always undergo unseen stress in this situation and this article represents that well.