Upcoming Winter Trends for 2022 and 2023

Upcoming trends such as leather jackets, high wasted pants, and higher-end clothing articles are becoming more of a trend.

Junior Elijah Ayala debating on what to wear and how to style each item.

Junior Elijah Ayala debating on what to wear and how to style each item.

For many people, fashion is an essential part of life since it allows people to express themselves, their culture, and their beliefs. With every upcoming season, new trends come to light, putting older ones in the past. Today, staff and students at Air Academy High School share their thoughts on more recent trends and how to avoid fast fashion to provide students with ideas on how to stay in trend sustainably. 


For people across the globe, fashion is a way to separate themselves from those around them and express their individuality. Every person has unique tastes that differentiate them from others. 


“Fashion is 100% a type of art form because, you know, every art has that type of self-expression, and you can represent yourself and who you are with the clothes you wear,” junior Elijah Ayala mentioned. 


With this upcoming winter season, many articles of clothing are slowly becoming less and less prevalent in the fashion world. New trends begin to take place with every piece of clothing that goes out of style. 


“Really big jackets have been pretty big this year. I think flannels have kind of gone out because they used to be super popular like two years ago, and big bomber jackets are definitely becoming kind of a trend,” senior Alexa Simon included. 


With winter creeping around the corner, a few essentials are recommended to be kept in every closet to have as a go-to look. 


“I think a good pair of wide-leg pants in a neutral color is a really good staple piece. I really like a good mock neck tee; I think those are really good to layer underneath a fun jacket,” Simon continued. 


In the new season, many people and articles predict that classier and more expensive looks are coming into place as opposed to the laid back comfy sweatpants look. Blazers, trousers, and oversized knit tops have seemed to make an appearance this fall season. 


 “The schoolgirl 2.0 raised the white shirt, the tie, the skirt, the blazer and the trousers to the rank of fashion essentials of the season,” fashion magazine writer, Héloïse Salessy, wrote in an article titled “The critical fashion trends to know for fall and Winter 2022-2023. “


With classier and more elegant looks coming to light, people are also hoping that older trends that went out of style rise back up to the surface. 


“I really hope to see more furs; I really liked that trend, like sherpas and fur jackets,” science teacher Alison Kelly said when asked what trends she would like to see come back. 


With the up-and-coming return of higher-end brands, new standards are being set to encourage people to shop more sustainably. 


“Thrifting has definitely been a big thing. I feel like more people are realizing that it’s like a good and cheap alternative to fast fashion. I also feel like more people are buying alternatives to animal products like faux fur and faux leather,” Ayala stated. 


With every new season, new trends always seem to come to light, with the older ones being left in the past. However, what’s truly important is that every individual expresses themselves with the clothes and accessories that appeal to them.