Auditions for Our Town are Underway!


Freshmen Laina Therrien is seen rehearsing her monologue on stage.

Autumn has arrived, which means the theatrical department at Air Academy High School is getting ready for their fall production of Our Town. Our Town is a three-act play written by Thornton Wilder. The main message people take away from the play is to not take life for granted. The students of AAHS are very excited to share this story with their audience.

“It’s a very classic and old timey show about life, love, and death,” junior Allie Pieri said.

Some students view Our Town as an entertaining play full of different twists and turns. 

“It’s an interesting play, not too dramatic, it’s nice and mello,” freshman Laina Therrien added.

 Although the students are eager to begin rehearsing and giving performances, there are a few things that must be done first. One of the initial steps in creating a show is holding auditions. Students got the chance to try out for a part in Our Town on Thursday, September 22, and Friday, September 23 in Filsinger Hall.

Each person will have a different amount of audition experience, but students are treated equally regardless of their level of experience.

“It’s your one chance to get into the production, into a role to play a character. It’s a way to show your talent to people,” sophomore Piper Zavorka stated. 

Each director has specific requirements that must be met in order to audition. Some could request a song or two, while others would request a monologue. Additionally, students could be asked to perform a cold read alongside other actors and actresses in order to determine roles based on chemistry and other deciding factors. 

“For this specific audition, you had to memorize a one minute monologue without a script,” Zavorka described.

AAHS has several students that have experience with auditions. These individuals have a lot of advice they can offer to those who would like to receive it. 

“Don’t be scared, it seems scary when you get up there, it seems you’re being put on the spot but as long as you’re prepared you’ll have fun. An audition is like an experience,” Pieri advised. 

Being ready and doing the necessary steps in order to audition can relieve stress or any nerves students may feel. 

“Make sure you add emotion to your monologue and be prepared for anything,” Therrien added. 

There are several ways that students interested in auditioning can prepare themselves. Multiple individuals like to research the production they’re auditioning for so they have a better understanding of the show.

“Here at AAHS they offer acting classes so you can go to those acting classes to get help on your monologue,” Zavorka recommended. 

 Other students seek guidance and practice frequently in front of their friends, family, and peers.

“Always practice and be open to criticism, show as many people as you can your monologue, and never give up,” Zavorka continued. 

The students that made it into the production found out their roles on Thursday, September 22nd. From here, the next step is to rehearse. These actors and actresses work hard every day after school to ensure their production will be as flawless as it can be before their opening night. 

The theatrical department at AAHS continues to bring positive entertainment to the community. Be sure to watch and support these actors, actresses, directors, tech, and everyone who is helping make Our Town as special as it can be by coming to watch the show when it opens later this fall!