The Class of ’22 Senior Breakfast


Sophomore Robby Hernandez attending senior breakfast.

The senior year is filled with events and unique activities that give ample amounts of time to make memories with friends or even family. 

One of these events seniors look forward to the most is senior breakfast. Senior breakfast is a great gathering of the senior class to have breakfast for the last and final time together but also most importantly, it’s a great opportunity to make a core memory.

For most seniors, attending as many seniors events are important well, they are to senior Marek Edwards.

“I’m going because this might be some of the last moments I’m gonna spend with my friends. Most of us are going to college and having a nice meal and discussing life and what it has in store is very important to me,” Edwards said.

For those wondering where to attend the senior breakfast, it will be hosted at the Antlers Hotel on Friday the 15th at 8 A.M.

This is majorly exclusive for seniors, to discuss future plans, life, and anything that’s been on their chest and is a great way to get the stress off of their chest as the remaining days of school countdown.

Mrs. Olsen is one of the hosts of the senior breakfast and she gave insight into some of this information.

“Although, if students have a younger sibling who is an underclassman, feel free to have them tag along and see what Kadet spirit is really about!” Mrs. Olsen stated.

The foods that will be there are surely breakfast items; eggs, sausages, biscuits, pancakes, and more that are quite delectable. 

Foods will be distributed out at the event and no outside foods are allowed in.

“This is mainly for safety purposes, but we also will have all the food you can eat there too”, Olsen continued.

This is an exciting event and for those who are early birds, this is a perfect type of thing for one to do.

“Yeah, I really like these sorts of things. I love breakfast in general and being able to eat it with my friends while sharing laughs and giggles it’s perfect,” Colton Robinson a senior at Air Academy claimed.

For those who cannot decide whether to go or not, many encourage such as Andy Ramirez suggested. 

“If you aren’t too sure, I say just go. You may regret doing this later on in life and it’s only $25 to get in and have some fun!” Andy Ramirez said. 

Speaking of, tickets will be sold outside of student services from April 4th to April 8th and online at PayForIt.Net and must be purchased before then. If a ticket is not presented at the event no entry will be granted. 

Just a reminder that this is an appropriate event. No jeans, T-Shirts, or ball caps are allowed. For gentlemen, nice pants, button-ups, and a tie are recommended. While for ladies, dresses or nice slacks are also suitable for this occasion as well.

In the long run, the end is nearing and it’s important to make as many memories as possible. Whether it’s going to school dances, prom, or even senior breakfast, go out and have fun for the last remaining days of high school and make the memories count.