How Students are Preparing for the SAT’s!!


Maddie Chidester

Students Jessie Sellars and Carter Inazu both working on SAT prep for this upcoming April!!

It’s that time of the year again when students here at Air Academy High School are preparing for the SATs and PSATs. This upcoming April many juniors and seniors are stressing and preparing for the upcoming test to determine which college they decide to go to or not. Many students including sophomores and freshmen also are slowly becoming stressed due to the unknowingness of how the test will turn out. So in preparation for this year’s big SAT test,  many students are taking precautions and studying hard to get a good grade on the SATs and PSATs. 


“I signed up for an SAT prep class and had upperclassmen give me some prep books for the test. I also signed up for a Khan Academy class to work on it here and there leading up to the big test,”  junior Cole Leblanc said. 


Many students are trying to find outlets and connections to prepare for the test. If that is from older siblings who have already taken the test or finding sources online to study an SAT booklet. However, even with some students preparing for the big test, students nevertheless of the score are going to be okay with whatever score they receive. 


“ I am remembering that no matter the score, life goes on and it doesn’t define me. I’m also making sure to practice good study habits to better my chances of a good score on the SAT,” junior Emme Van Beck said. 


Regardless of the score, many colleges will accept students even if it isn’t an ivy league school. Many students also take the SAT to see where they are as a baseline for when they actually take the real thing. 


“ I took the SAT sophomore year and got a decent score on it. But even when I take the real thing next year I will know how to really prepare for the test because of practice my freshman year and sophomore year,” sophomore Ridge Harvey said. 


Apart from this, some of the freshmen are new to this testing style especially with covid and them missing out on 7th and 8th grade years. Where in future tense they wouldn’t know how to prepare or how to mentally prepare for what might go on the test. 


“ I hope when preparing for the test there won’t be stuff on the test that will affect my overall score. Especially with covid happening some of my learning was stretched out and I didn’t retain all of it. So when taking the PSAT this year I hope I get a baseline score to see where I need to improve and such,” freshman Lydia Moore said. 


Not only are many students preparing for the SAT and PSATs, but many students are also stressed and some are cool as a cucumber leading up to the big test. Even with many students nervous and hoping to get a good grade on them, a lot of students are just trying to the best of their ability to work ahead and hopefully get a grade that is enough to satisfy their hopes. Many students are just trying to find an outlet to hopefully lessen their nerves on how the test will go. With whatever way the test goes, all students are hoping for good outcomes with the SAT’s approaching.