Air Academy Pop Culture!

This article runs through all of the current trends in the mainstream media and how they blend with Air Academy students interests.


Juniors Anna Barber and Ashlynn Olson Pose in the school courtyard in their matching outfits.

What is Pop Culture?

Ever since the introduction of pop culture in the 1920s, common trends such as music, food, clothing, and slang have been prevalent factors in modern society.  Air Academy High School thrives on its own pop-culture based on what students are drawn to in mainstream media. Here is a run-through of what’s buzzing at AAHS and how pop culture has affected high school communities.

Clothing Trends and Fashion

As the fashion industry grows and its trends arise, AAHS students try to emulate those styles while also expressing their own. Thrifting, or buying second-hand clothing has become a very common way to shop for teens. It is a fun activity, cheap, and an ethical route to a unique wardrobe.

“I thrift shop and I like it a lot. I can find original and fun items that allow me to express my own style,” junior Emme Van Beek added.

Other clothing crazes such as beanies, Nike blazers, high-rise jeans, flannels, sweatshirts, and converse are very popular at AAHS, and many students can be seen wearing them daily.  Baggy clothing is very trendy when it comes to Gen-Z and the majority of teenagers prefer looser clothing for both style and comfort.

“Baggy clothing is absolutely perfect. Personally I’m a slim guy, so I feel comfortable wearing it and it looks good on my body proportions,” junior Isaac Martinez expressed.

Coffee Coffee Coffee!

Before a long day of school, the lines for coffee shops pile up with teenage customers. A chai latte, blended rebel, or perhaps a Kadet frappe is exactly what a high school student needs to get them through the day. Since Dutch Bros, Starbucks, and Kadet Coffee are so popular at AAHS, they are an easy and relatively inexpensive place to create memories with friends.

“Starbucks makes the best Matcha drink. I go multiple times a week whether it’s before or after school for an energy boost!,” junior Adeline Morrison exclaimed.

Coffee is not only well-liked because of the caffeine “pick me up” it gives, but also how aesthetically pleasing it can be. Certain coffee bars in Colorado Springs create vivid latte art and iced drinks that drive more and more people to buy and talk about it.

Social Media

TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram are all social media outlets that keep young people in touch with each other and the world. AAHS has a variety of social media accounts that bring awareness to events happening and allow them to voice their opinion.

“I use Snapchat the most, because it keeps me updated on what my friends are doing,” senior Sarah Flannery commented.

Whenever it’s 2:45 and class is dismissed, teenagers depart from all of their peers. But social media is what keeps the conversations and connections alive, while also staying educational and informative on real-world events.

Teenage Slang

Many high school students find themselves saying “What’s up” instead of “Hello” or “Ikr” rather than “I know right.” This type of slang is very prominent in teenage lives because it is not only used in person but over texts and social media posts too. This includes terms such as “ily” (I love you), “fs” (for sure), and dozens more that are used in dialect. It not only is a faster way to talk to others, but it also lets people of the same age group connect through speech.

“Whenever I’m texting my friends on Snapchat, I use slang because it gets the point across faster, and I’m too lazy to type full sentences,” sophomore Jake Wike explained.

Keep up with the Trends!

While the pop culture at AAHS may seem ever-changing, riding the “trend bandwagon” is one of the best ways to feel connected to a high school community and all of its quirks.