Chicago… Air Academy’s Spring Musical!!


Taken by Willow Tachna

A prime moment for Air Academy’s Theater program!!

Last year’s spring musical, Mamma Mia, was a hit, but wait till this year’s play!! (Willow Tachna)

The school play has been an outstanding production for years and more to come. With this year’s spring play being a classic in the theater world. The name of it is none other than Chicago, a jazz theme play in the 20s about 2 murderesses in cook county jail. With the theme of the play being very audacious and outgoing the crew members all are excited for what is in store for Air Academy to see and experience. With the play taking place from March 10th-12th at 7:00 pm in Filsinger Hall, tickets are only $8 for students and $12 for adults. 


“ The whole experience has been so positive and fun altogether. It’s taken a lot of hard work, but it has also yielded very satisfying results. Chicago is a very dark comedy and with that, I hope a lot of Air Academy students will be pleased with the result of it and hopefully will consider joining the theater program,” sophomore Lily Alvis said. 


Not only is the AAHS theater program very successful with choosing their theme of a play. It’s also very comical and entertaining for others to join or to consider joining. Many people who are participating in the production of the play all have one thing in common. 


“Even though there is a lot of hard work getting put into the drama program, it overall is a great way to make some lifelong friends. Joining the AAHS theater program was one of the best decisions I have ever made,” sophomore Willow Tachna said. 


Not only has the AAHS program demonstrated their skills and outstanding work ethic, on the stage and off.  This year’s musical is a dark comedy that displays a woman’s liberation in the 1920s through a dramatic, satirical, and rather shocking lens. Not only does it differ from past musicals such as the 2019 hit “Mamma Mia” but it also changes the chance for others to embrace and take on the role of a different and darker character. 


“ The whole time the environment has been very warm and welcoming. Having the chance to be part of this program and get the chance to be a main character is really cool to embrace. The work is, yes, very hard but 110% worth it especially with the teachers that help participate and help put on the production,” sophomore Abbey McCowen also stated. 


The theater program has been very successful for the past couple of years and even more to go. There are many talented inspiring actors and actresses who help put their heart and soul into the play production and want to make the whole time a very accomplished play.


All in all, the AAHS theater program has been and will continue to be successful. Not only has the work crew by itself demonstrated that they strive to work very hard and hope to all have an audience who will respect their work. This year’s 2022 spring play is a classic, and from interviewing a lot of the cast members they all are excited for AAHS students to see what the theater program has in shop for them. The whole cast feels confident, yet excited that it will be a hit with a dark humor side to it and one performance to definitely stick out to the audience.