The Enneagram: Air Academy Students Ultimate Test

Curious to learn more about yourself? The Enneagram test is for you.


Sophomores Kellen Palacio and Nicolas McCarthy take the Enneagram test to discover which type they are.

What is the Test?   

The Enneagram is a complex system that divides people out into nine types, each with its own emotional core and values. Every kind is individually unique and has taught thousands of people about which types they connect with and who they truly are. The test is divided into three sections called the heart, head, and body types that each have a separate intuition. This can be important for high school students since learning about the Enneagram test has made major strides on relationships, self-improvement, and recognizing one’s weaknesses and faults.

Guide to Taking the Enneagram

To discover one’s personality, a ninety-eight-question test is available online where each can be marked inaccurate, neutral, or accurate. It filters through one’s physical being and asks deeper questions including what one subconsciously craves or avoids. The key to getting the most accurate Enneagram is being completely honest with oneself, and being as specific as possible. This is because the test creates a pie chart providing a percentage of how much one is of each personality type, rather than one exact answer. For example, Type 1 is considered “The Perfectionist” with high standards and attention to detail, while Type 9 is defined as the agreeable and calm “Peacemaker”. Since studies have confirmed the instrument as scientifically valid and reliable with  “solid psychometrics”,  it’s possible to get a high percentage of both of these, even if they seem contradictory. 

“This test is based on the emotional experiences people have, and their personality because of it.  My mom specializes in emotional Trauma for her work, so she told me to take the test. I got a mix, but mostly Type 2 and I found that it was true to my personality,” sophomore Jeremiah Day stated. 

Which Types Connect Best? 

It is clear that in human nature, certain personalities align, while some don’t. The Enneagram website gets specific by dividing the 9 types into subcategories, and what they are guided by and focus on. The Heart types,  2, 3, and 4 are led by the feelings connected to their emotional relationships with other people and connect on an empathetic level. The head types relate to each other on a logistical level and enjoy evaluating and observing the world’s systems. Reacting to their senses and feeling of independence, the body types go with their gut. Finding which of these subcategories one most relates to is important in discovering oneself and their interpersonal relationships.

Applying the Test at Air Academy

So, what’s the next step? Learning about the Enneagram types and which one fits best can actually be applied as a high schooler at Air Academy  Perhaps if they are a type 7, “The Enthusiast”, classes that keep someone on their toes like Rocky Mountain High or Creative Writing will suit best. In other words, if they are “The Investigator”, type 5,  a problem-solving club such as DECA or FBLA might be in the cards for them.

“When I took the Enneagram, it told me I was “The Individualist”. This made a lot of sense to me so I am going to look into doing an independent study for a class next year!” junior Ashlynn Olson exclaimed.

Along with classes to take, many athletic choices a teenager takes are based on their values and fears. If someone is a type 8, “The Challenger”, signing up for a highly competitive sport such as wrestling or basketball would cater to one’s hardworking and fiery spirit. On the other hand, cheerleading is the perfect sport for a type 9, a “Peacemaker” who supports the football team and alleviates the stress of competing.

“As a member of the Air Academy cheer team, I noticed ‘The Peacemaker’ in me really coming out. Whenever the crowd is booing at the other team, it is my time to switch the attention to a more positive chant,” junior Abby Garcia noted. 

The Enneagram is one of the most accurate and intricate personality tests out there. It has answered so many questions about self-discovery and why human beings think and feel uniquely.  So, let the personality shine, and use the Enneagram types to an advantage. Knowing internal dynamics will ultimately help not only with individuals but also relationships that are formed and challenges faced daily.

Which Type are you? 

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