Course Registration at AAHS!


Lex Griffin

Sophomore Erin Bailey fills out her course registration form in preparation for next year!

Throughout the past several weeks, counselors have visited Social Studies classrooms around Air Academy to pitch different careers and courses to students. They have covered a wide variety of careers ranging from auto-mechanics to cosmetologists, as well as provided information on the Pikes Peak Community College’s (PPCC) opportunities for college credits. They have provided several tools in the form of articles and surveys found in the College & Career tab of the AAHS website, all in the pursuit of setting students up for success.

“People need to know their options for the future. The more options they have, the better chance they have of success in the future,” counselor, Sean Brotherton, stated when questioned.

The counselors commit to spreading awareness of the opportunities because deciding a career path is much easier if the paths are presented; the survey, articles, and early college credits are tools designed to guide students down their path. Attending PPCC, for example, opens up new opportunities for students since it allows them to experience college while earning credits.

“It costs less money if you attend college courses in high school,” sophomore, Gabriel Ladino, conveyed when asked about his reasoning for signing up for college courses.

Attending college at an earlier age than most, helps students grow, as well as exhibit their dedication and work ethic to future colleges. When a student signs up for PPCC classes, they will ride a bus to the campus in the morning and afternoon. When on campus, students will attend lectures and interact with upperclassmen, allowing them to learn from peers. But they are also given the freedom of college, such as the ability to drive off campus at lunch. Being given the responsibility and freedom of college in high school is a great opportunity. For more information on PPCC, another great resource is reporter, Kellen Palacio’s, Benefits & Basics of Pike Peak Community College (2022) article.

Not only does AAHS offer college courses, but they also offer several AP and Honors courses for students who wish to excel in their learning. AP and honors classes are incredibly challenging. The curriculum is tougher, the homework is harsher, and the class time and deadlines are more strict. Many of them provide extra credits and higher GPA contributions; therefore, making them difficult. Counselors advise students not to overwork themselves by taking excessive amounts of AP and Honors classes.

“Honors Chemistry and Physics will have students working hard; calculus is the hardest class in the school,” counselor, Sean Brotherton, warned.

Students should be aware of challenging classes to avoid stress. Avoiding getting overwhelmed is imperative to staying mentally healthy. Dropping out of classes to reduce stress is always an option.

All in all, course registration is a current topic that students of AAHS should focus on. Counselors have gone into classrooms recently to provide tools to students and provided them with advice to better their future. Thoughtfully planning a route for short and long-term goals is imperative to success, and high school is the place to do so.