Thanksgiving Plans for AAHS Staff and Students


Sophomores Kellen Palacio and Nic McCarthy happily pose with their Thanksgiving hand turkeys.

Take those ghosts and ghouls down and put up the Thanksgiving decorations! As fall break approaches, thousands of people prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with their friends and family. AAHS staff and students are eager to get a break from school, feast, and dedicate a day to be thankful. Preparing for this holiday may be stressful, but Air Academy High School seems to have its plans in order.

Most students are excited for a break from the stresses of high school.  It is healthy to have a break from stress every once in a while and catch up on some well-needed rest. A few extra hours of sleep during Thanksgiving break is exactly what students may need before jumping head first into high school again.

“I am hoping to make up for a lot of sleep that I had missed because of staying up late this semester,” junior Landon Elinger stated.

“It’s exciting that we have school off for a week to rest and relax. I crave being lazy after working hard in school this year, ” sophomore Jake Wike noted.

On the contrary, other students have a fun-packed schedule. Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate and paint the town red, or in this case orange. AAHS students know exactly how to express their gratitude and enjoy the break with fun activities and events.

“This year, I will be out and about for Thanksgiving. Christmas shopping, hanging out with friends and cooking a holiday dinner for my family,” junior Kelli Bamesberger eagerly mentioned.

“I am traveling to California and Florida over Thanksgiving break. It’s kind of a tradition since we normally travel over fall break,” sophomore Ethan Montaya discussed.

Some staff members and students are finding ways to express their appreciation by speaking about what they appreciate. Taking time out of a busy schedule to tell someone you love them, or performing a simple act of kindness goes a long way. Also, many individuals are able to connect by discussing relatable topics that they are grateful for.

 “I am thankful for fantasy football, and most importantly, LA Rams receiver Cooper Kupp, ” junior Timmy Author exclaimed.

 “Growing up around a warm and loving family is something I will always appreciate,” junior Ashlynn Olson answered.

“I am grateful for the Cheyenne Mountain zoo and all of the animals,” chemistry teacher Rachel Valiquette happily stated.

With fewer COVID-19 restrictions this year, the 2021 holiday season cannot be beaten. With the release of the vaccine, this Thanksgiving will be better, more enjoyable, and a more connected holiday compared to 2020. Students and staff members can safely hang out with friends and relatives in order to make up for some lost time during the pandemic.

“Thanksgiving is going to be better this year because my brothers can finally come home from the military, and heavy covid restrictions forbid them to visit last year,” junior Trinity Wilkins stated.

 “I couldn’t be happier that there are fewer covid restrictions this year. For the break, there is now the opportunity to hang out with groups or even go to the movie theatre without wearing a mask,” sophomore Evan Lawrence commented.

 No matter a student’s plans for Thanksgiving, everyone should attempt to enjoy the break and be thankful. This time to relax allows all to reflect on what we are grateful for. Whether it be friends and family, celebrations, food, or even school, it is important to appreciate Thanksgiving this year.