The Deutsche Club


Students in room 512 during the first club meeting.

Does German culture sound interesting? Consider joining Air Academy’s German Club! The German club is managed by 20 students who are part of the German National Honors Society and the German teacher herself, Frau Lykens.  The German club is also a student-led organization, that gives people from all levels the chance to get to know the culture more and make new friends.

Isaac Martinez is a junior this year and this was his first time attending any sort of club.

I joined because I was always fascinated by the German culture, so I took this chance to learn more about the culture, people, and make new friends!” 

German club is about making new friends and learning more about the German culture.

“German Club is an opportunity for students with a passion for discovering the world to gain a stronger understanding of the people in German-speaking countries as well as their products, practices, and perspectives,” German Club advisor Frau Lykens said. 

The club isn’t just for students taking German classes. If anyone wants to join the club they are free to come by room 512 for further information, keeping in mind that there is limited time to enjoy it as the club only occurs once a month.

“While most participants in German Club are students who are taking German, we welcome anyone and everyone with an interest in the topic!  Knowledge of the German language is not a requirement,” Lykens stated. 

They plan multiple events throughout the year including learning about the history of the gummy bear (originally manufactured in Germany) and making their own handmade treats. They also hold gingerbread house-building competitions, have multiple taste tests, watch german movies, and organize sports tournaments that are popular in Germany.

Many students have actually benefited from the club. Many take this time to free their head from whatever stress they are dealing with.

“My favorite part about the german club would probably be the students in the club, they’re very welcoming and hospitable. The teacher too, she’s very nice and warm I always recommend people to join. I take the time to clear my head and just laugh and have fun with my peers while enjoying snacks and watching German movies,” junior Isaac Martinez stated.

“We have monthly events after school focused around a topic relevant to that time of year. We typically also learn about [specific] winter holiday traditions, but we’re always open to new ideas and would gladly incorporate anything the club members want!”  Lykens said.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for all the snack lovers out there! German club is all about learning about the culture, but the food, Lykens commented, is probably one of the most enticing things it has to offer.

“The most important question–food!  Many of our events revolve around food (gummy bears, gingerbread houses, taste tests, etc.), but, if not, there will always be snacks of some sort involved.”