Air Academy’s ideas of memorable vacations


Junior Mia Belmear and her cousin watch the sunset atop the Grand Canyon.

Think of a bright sunny day, people smiling, laughter in the air, not a care in the world, what else comes to mind?

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a crazy and stressful year for everyone! Keep heads up and remember the times when things were… not so stressful is important.

What better way to do this than to remember a memorable vacation?

Vacations can be anything! From road trips to island adventures, to amusement park fun! Most students here at Air Academy have had some pretty favorable vacations to look back on, but what makes a vacation so memorable?

Mia Belmear, a junior here at Air Academy, explained her vacation from two summers ago and the many adventures she had on a road trip to Arizona with her family.

“I think what makes a vacation so memorable are the laughs you have and the closer you become with your friends and family,” Belmear said.

“If you have a lot of fun, you won’t even realize you’re making memories,” stated Robert Batista, a senior.

“Just being with people you love,” said senior Liliana Silva, “Seeing new things and making it last. Do things you wouldn’t do on a normal basis! Try new foods or do something you’ve never done before.”

Many kids have several memories of vacations that took place during their youth, it’s wonderful if these vacations appear to be more magical than the ones taking place as they get older!

“I personally think trips are better when you’re older because you remember more,” said Mia Belmear, “When you’re older you need more of a break from your busy life [compared to when] you’re younger.”

“I think it really depends on the vacation,” Robert Batista said, “You can experience the same vacation twice, years apart, and it most likely would have been more magical as a child.”

“Kids have a lot more imagination, and as an adult, life gets more stressful and it might be harder to relax,” Batista concludes.

Everyone has a dream vacation. No matter how unrealistic this dream vacation could get, imagining doing your favorite things with your favorite people sounds like a good time!

Liliana Silva explained her dreams of going on a road trip, “Just me, a couple of friends, a nice car, and the open road,” she said, “I’d [want to] be with people that know and understand me.”

“I would love to go to Australia and scuba dive in the great barrier reef!” Belmear stated, ” But for now, I’ll just keep visiting my cousin two hours away for fun.”

Although vacations must come to an end, memories can last forever. When things get hard, it’s good to have reminiscence to fall back on.

On top of this, future plans and dreams can always be present in one’s mind! The future is unknown and adventures await. Whether you’ve already experienced your ideal vacation or not,  your own desired trip of a lifetime is out there.