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Sami Batista

Hi! I’m Sami/Sam! I am a senior this year :)! This will be my first and last year working for the Jetstream Journal! I hope my time here will be enjoyable, to say the least! I’m an artist and a runner, so those are two things I mainly focus on! I’ve been passionate about art ever since I can remember and a runner for about 4 years. I’m on a running team but I’m not very competitive! I put a lot of motivation, time, and effort into my art and hope to have a career with it in the future. Some of my other hobbies include sleeping, binge-watching shows, and spending time with my beautiful bunny. I love music and attending rock concerts is an absolute joy in my life. I’m also a big traveler! I love going anywhere and everywhere. I’m hoping to make the most of this year and the next! Thank you for reading!

Sami Batista, Reporter

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Sami Batista