Coronavirus: The District’s Plan for Sports


From the Jetstream Archives; Basketball Player Brock Bendrick at the Three Point Contest in 2017, which shows life in basketball pre-pandemic.

With sports a significant part of students’ lives, many are asking: How are we going to play basketball this year? Are there going to be any football games? Is volleyball season cancelled?

District 20 has assembled a plan for coaches and athletes to follow, to not only limit as much physical interaction as possible, but also to ensure successful seasons for the 2020-2021 school year despite the recent Covid-19 outbreaks. 

Blue Anderson is Air Academy’s Athletic Director. He helps coordinate and direct sports at AAHS and can answer any questions students may have regarding sports. 

 “Before every practice and game, coaches do a health screen to see if any players are experiencing any sort of symptoms of Covid-19. When arriving at practices and games students must keep 6ft away from the nearest person. We also ask students to be honest during their exams, stay home if they are exhibiting symptoms, and follow all rules,” Anderson adds.

It is important to follow guidelines and be as honest possible to ensure that sports continue and everyone remains healthy. There are also rules set in place to limit the amount of germs being spread in practice as well.

“At practices athletes are kept in groups of 25. Athletes are not allowed to combine or co-mingle with other groups. All equipment is sanitized before and after games/practices, same with facilities. Athletes are expected to shower and wash uniforms upon returning home from practice/ games every week,” Anderson continues. “Hand sanitizer will be provided to everyone. Athletes must use their own water bottles and must not share with other athletes. Once practice is over athletes must exit the property immediately,”  

Athletes might be wondering what some of the challenges they may face going into their season this year.   

Boys basketball head coach Barry Clark has been coaching for a long time and has some insight on these challenges.  

“If players and officials have to wear masks it will not be good. That is really the only thing that will hinder us from performing at a high playing level,” Clark adds. 

Many athletes have already prepared their own plan to be safer with sports this year. Some have started washing their hands more often and others are simply applying hand sanitizer after they touch something.

Finn Horsfall is a returning basketball player this year.

“I plan on taking the time to wash my hands and sanitize when I have the opportunity to, whether that is before, during, or after our games and practices. I know our coaches and CHSAA will put in [place] a trustworthy protocol for the athletes to follow and if we follow it we will be just fine.” 

District 20 has a wide variety of new rules athletes must follow such as: having to wear a mask constantly, avoid as much social interaction as possible, and washing their hands frequently. Many athletes don’t necessarily agree with these new rules, but they understand why the rules are there and what the rules are for. 

Returning sophomore volleyball athlete Amanda Rubidoux highlights the student perspective on the rules.

 “Obviously it’s not what we want, but it’s best for all of us, we not only have to look out for ourselves, but look out for our other fellow athletes, our coaches, and even our rivals.” 

Many coaches are concerned about what their athletes’ mindsets are going into this season and want their athletes to know that they are there to help in any way possible.

Mandy Kerce, the girls volleyball head coach tries to give encouragement about the current situation when possible. 

“We want our athletes to have an open mind, be willing to be flexible if there are any changes in the future, be cautious of themselves and others, play competitively, and go out there and do great!” Kerce adds.

The coronavirus has made a drastic impact on many student-athletes’ lives. We have all had to adapt to this strange new environment but also be very cautious about it as well. The District and a team of coaches have made a list of rules and regulations that athletes should follow to ensure the athletes safety, the coaches well-being, and even the rivals.