The Jetstream Goes to Town!


On May 2nd, 2019, the Jetstream Journal went on a field trip! We went to Il Vicino’s, an Italian restaurant, and then stopped by Rocket Fizz, a candy store; after that, we traveled to the UCCS campus and checked out the (terrifying) public art museum. Each member of the Jetstream Journal wrote a sentence about each location.


Il Vicino’s

Kailey – A party of thirteen is definitely a waitress’s nightmare, but the staff of Il Vicino’s handled it pretty well. They took our orders, sat us down, and had our food brought out in a timely manner. It came out piping hot, so much so that I actually burned my tongue trying to dig into my alfredo right away. Despite my singed taste buds, the food was delicious.

Eli – Il Vicino, ill indeed. *dabs*

Michael – Two words: Cute waitress. The restaurant was surprisingly wonderful. Aside from the constant judgment of the old people staring at us while we ate, the food was amazing. Would’ve been better with more beans, however.

Hillary – Two words: Chili Oil. Evocative of both the luxury of olive oil and the funky zing of pepper flakes, we quickly submerged our pizzas in its sultry goodness. The result: a tangy, pleasantly moist bite that managed somehow to be deliciously soggy.

Olivia – Their Burrata is pretty amazing, especially if you want something lighter. Il Vicino is somewhere to go if you want good Italian pizza for a decent price.

Mida – The waiting area was a bit petite. We blocked the door to the restaurant, which aggravated some of the other customers, but the chaos was calmed after we were seated.

Casey – The scent of fresh basil filled the air. Authentic pizza ovens covered the cobbled walls, our mouths were watering and our eyes were gleaming with rumbling stomachs. We were hungry.

Elina – Plates and platters rushed out with urgency. Each dish was exquisitely alluring, blending appetite and appeal.  

Leilani – The restaurant gave off a comforting and low-key vibe, with warm colors and soft but soothing music.

Rose – Peter accidentally ate Olivia’s pizza, but the food was so delicious that he couldn’t be blamed for it.

Peter – Ok guys! I did it! I ate Olivia’s pizza. Forgive me, for I have committed crimes against humanity! From the moment you enter the establishment, a smoky aroma hits you, and you know the meal is going to be delicious. A friendly staff, delicious food, and a clean restaurant are what Il Vicino’s offers, and it should satisfy any hungry customer.

Rocket Fizz

Hillary – Stepping into Rocket Fizz felt a bit like being suffocated by a cotton candy cloud–simultaneously wonderful and overwhelmingly sweet.

Olivia – As you examine the different kinds of candy, you may notice the high pricing, but maybe you’ll get past that.

Mida – Glancing at the shelves and carts, each of them was filled with more delicious sweets derived from local companies and even imported internationally.

Casey – The options seemed endless. Peter was spewing knowledge about every foreign candy bar. My inner child was elated at the possibilities within the little shop.

Elina – We truly embodied the phrase “kids in a candy shop.” We were slightly overwhelmed but mostly enthralled in the chaos.

Leilani – The organization throughout the entire store made the shopping effortless, and showed the true care given by employees to keep the store tidy.

Rose – The excited voices of journalism students filled the sweet air; I saw more brands of sweets than I could count and the choices seemed endless. It felt like a trip through Candyland.

Peter – My glucose levels rose from the second I opened the door, and I am surprised I didn’t projectile vomit from the Smarties paste candy. It’s a clean store filled with whatever candy an 8-year-old could fantasize about; it was a stellar experience.

Kailey – They had an impressive collection of vintage posters and signs adorning the walls, and the music was enough for us all to have a little dance party.

Eli – The dude working there was depressed; like, he seriously needs help.

Michael – Holy lord up on high! This is my new favorite store in America. If there’s any place that contains obscene amounts of sugar, it’s this store. Not to mention, the taste of music the store owner has is splendid! I couldn’t stop dancing the entire time I was there, and I was far from dancing alone.

The Demented Art Museum

Mida – Staying quiet as we walked in, we saw that the walls were tall and white, but the frigid, silent air was shattered as the tour guide greeted us.

Leilani – The exhibit presented a variety of different interpretations of the word “time,” as the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs showed sculptures, photos, paintings, textiles, machines, and even a virtual reality experience–all created by staff at UCCS.

Casey – She described the theme –  time – a word with many meanings, a word depicted with vivid colors, shocking images, and thought-provoking anecdotes.

Elina – All the exhibits seemed compact and mundane, but when we allowed proper time and contemplation we saw that each had an intricate and personal statement.   

Rose – The small side room, seemingly plain, illuminated the Jetstream Journal in red, white and blue; with every entrance into the room, the projector’s image changed in a beautifully colorful metamorphosis.

Peter – A visually generic modern art museum, but with displays that no other could show: A demented mannequin slamming his head on the table, tons of Polaroid photos, and a VR exhibit, a very educating and unique experience.

Kailey – Honestly, I think we had more fun taking pictures in the room they used to project various designs on the walls than anywhere else in the exhibit.

Eli – The “art” was pretty lit; however, there was a dude (mannequin) grating his face with a cheese grater, so that was odd.

Michael – It was only a small room with few exhibits, but still it captivated us for over an hour as we just admired the artwork. Some of the art had eerie sounds or macabre motions, giving the whole room a somber feeling.

Hillary – Like a ring of phalluses, the patriarchy surrounded us. There were also mushrooms for your viewing pleasure.

Olivia – The exhibit showcased so many different personalities, mindsets, and outlooks on life that probably differ much from yours. It’d be worth it to go experience new art from UCCS students.