The Unexplainable Super Bond Between Twins


Senior twins Justin and Austin Graham

Sharing birthdays, clothes, classes, cars, rooms and looks, twins are bound to have some kind of “super” bond. However, is this bond equivalent to having supernatural powers?

If rumors prove true, twins can read each other’s minds, feel each other’s pain, and one of them is bound to be evil. These cliches, however, may not always be true.

Senior Austin Graham added to the mystery, explaining a time when he and his twin, senior Justin Graham, were on a family trip. “We both fell asleep in [separate cars] and we woke up around the same time. I woke up and I said, ‘Dad it’s weird looking up and not being able to see the mountains,’ and he showed me that Justin had texted him at that same second and said ‘It’s weird looking up and not being able to see the mountains.'”

This isn’t the only example of the “super” bond between twins. Freshman Dessie Daye explained how her twin, freshman Emma Daye, often felt emotions that would link to her own,

“Growing up, I often found myself feeling sad for no reason at all and then I would notice that Emma was sad.”

There’s no scientific evidence proving twins experience any type of telepathy, but these personal anecdotes seem to prove the theory holds water.

Both the Dayes and Grahams agreed they have a stronger relationship with their twin than with their other siblings; Dessie Daye attributed this to the fact that they’ve “lived in the same room for most of [their] childhood and took the same classes and had the same friend groups.”

Senior London Lenahan, whose twin is senior Damien Lenahan, also agreed, stating, “Our bond is a little closer because we’re the same age.”

However, this super bond is bound to have its ups and downs. No one wants their inner thoughts and feelings being openly broadcasted, even if it is to their twin.

The advantages, however, seem to outweigh the negatives.

“Being a twin gives you an advantage, when we are playing sports I know where he’s at and he knows where I’m at all times so I think that that bond helps us,” said Justin Graham.

Another common theme between these twins was that they wouldn’t change being a twin for anything.

“I think being a twin is such a cool and unique thing to be able to experience. No matter how much we argue or fight I wouldn’t change being a twin for anything. It’s really fun living with your best friend your whole life,” Daye added.

Twins may not have superpowers, but they do have someone to share the crazy ups and downs of life with; an automatic best friend. While the evil twin cliches may be a bit of a stretch, there is definitely an unexplainable and remarkable bond between twins.