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Teachers of Theater Lift Latest Show to Fame

Unsung heroes of the theater department are to thank for Caught in the Act’s success
The complete cast and crew of Caught in the Act pose for a picture following the production!

The booming theater department at Air Academy High School (AAHS) has had plenty of popular productions over the years. Both the fall plays and spring musicals are continually popular with students, teachers, and people from around Colorado Springs.

This year is no different, with AAHS’ most recent production also flourishing under the spotlight.

Caught in the Act, a farcical comedy about a group of friends in a local theater production, ran from November 9-11 with a phenomenal cast and crew. All of the students involved put in a tremendous amount of work to convey the light-hearted murder-mystery story that had audiences rioting with laughter.

Although the incredible students who make up the cast and crew had a large part in making the show successful, the adults involved in the theater department also worked hard to bring the production to life on stage.

Teachers such as director Mrs. Manst, technical director Ms. Graybill, choreographer Mrs. Cassano, and musical director Dr. Lee have a large hand in the smooth running of shows at AAHS.

“They are all an amazing team,” Mrs. Manst explained, “We work together in an amazing way because we know each other’s strengths and really play off of that.”

The remarkable organization that is theater at AAHS runs smoothly because of these adults who truly care about the program. Their passion for these projects cannot be understated.

The relationship between the teachers and students can be truly inspiring, and the collective effort between the two allows for each production to improve.

“I love my students. I work with the best students in any high school in the entire world,” Mrs. Manst said fondly.

Her students hold the same admiration for her, expressing their respect for her work.

“I’ve worked with Mrs. Manst most closely, and she is a big advocate for mental health and is very understanding with the student population,” senior Amber Malushka detailed.

“ I just really admire how dedicated they are to this,” junior Dominik Goodman remarked.

Mrs. Graybill has an intense passion for the productions at AAHS. During the season, she puts in an exhaustive amount of work to create a wonderful end product.

“She is just literally here non-stop to make sure that these shows get out here,” Goodman said in awe.

Often, the amount of effort from staff is overlooked during the production. Although they work tirelessly, they can go unrecognized for all that they do.

“People see an end product and think, ‘Oh that was really good,’ but they have no idea how much work goes into everything,” Mrs. Manst described.

She is already in the process of preparing for the 2024 Spring musical, The Little Mermaid.

“I love it, but it is non-stop,” Mrs. Manst commented humorously.

All of the teachers involved with the department hold this level of passion and determination for the success of the shows, inspiring the students and impressing audiences.

The dedication to the incredible productions at AAHS is nothing short of heartening. All of the work that goes into these successful productions deserves to be recognized, especially those of the staff involved.

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