Managing Editor Signing Off!

From being a girl terrified of journalism class to assuming the role of managing editor, this is the final chapter of my story.


The 2022-2023 journalism editors smiling proudly together and showing their excitement with thumbs up and peace signs! Featured from left to right is junior Maddie Chidester, senior Mia Holland, and senior Savannah Braden.

First impressions are everything. However, mine of my first journalism class was nowhere near what you might be expecting. As I entered the classroom for the first time during my sophomore year, I immediately dreaded the class since I thought who would want to spend their time writing articles or attending monthly pitch meetings?

Little did I know how wrong I would come to be in the following years. 

As the current managing editor of the Jetstream Journal, some might be thinking how did this girl go from resenting journalism to leading a classroom full of reporters?

It certainly was not an easy transition, but I am thankful for the help of my former advisors and current peers who have taught me vital lessons that I will carry with me into my future endeavors. One of these vital lessons just so happens to be self- responsibility. 

My biggest takeaway is probably the need for responsibility and self-advocacy when it comes to doing things on time…I also had to figure out how to improve what I was doing, which was rewarding in the long run,” sophomore Caleb McFarland noted. 

As McFarland remarked, the need for effective time management and communication is essential for succeeding in journalism. Whether it be writing articles or interviewing new individuals, communication is a significant aspect of journalism that I have greatly improved upon amongst the last three years.

Journalism is an opportunity to use your communication skills to give back. Unlike writing an essay that only the teacher reads, journalism students have a wider audience for the Jetstream…Students can use their skills to help all these audience members learn more about our community and the issues affecting us,” former journalism teacher Mary Anderson commented. 

As Anderson stressed, journalism emphasizes the importance of non-digital communication forms such as in-person interviews. 

In this regard, I am also exponentially grateful for the relationships I was able to build during my time in journalism. Being able to connect with every reporter in the classroom not only helped me better support their individual needs, but also helped the classroom environment to become more lighthearted and humorous.

My favorite aspect was being able to help the students express their opinions in a professional and equal way,” senior copy editor Mia Holland remarked. 

Holland and I share similar perspectives on the matter and agree that creating an inclusive environment for students is essential for journalism as it is a highly creative outlet. With this, it is important to remember to be bold and have fun within your writing.

“Engage! If students really engage in the community, they will find their stories. If they really engage in their stories, they will find their voice. The process can be deeply rewarding!” Anderson stated.

By engaging not only can you find your voice, but you can also enhance your own literary skills. 

With this, I believe I am a prime example of how journalism can change your perspective not just academically, but also socially. I am incredibly honored to have assumed the position of managing editor for the Jetstream Journal over the past two years and am immensely proud of how far every student has come since their first article.

So, if you’re looking to expand upon your writing skills or simply need an additional class to take, I encourage you all to consider journalism. Journalism holds the power to persuade individuals and ultimately is an outlet to express your voice. Taking this all into consideration, this is Savannah Braden, the 2022-2023 Jetstream Journal managing editor, officially signing off!