Class Pets Taking Over the Classroom!

Should there be pets in the classroom? Read more to find out!


Seniors Savannah Braden, Halle Ruiz, Sarah McDowell, and Carmen Kuhn surround Bri with love and affection.

Pets bring an exciting touch to life, including home activities and even school. Pets provide serotonin boosts to students in classrooms, which causes students to want to be in the class or create a happy environment for their peers. 

“When Bri came into the classroom my mood was instantly lifted, and she genuinely made me more happy and motivated,” senior Carmen Kuhn stated.  

Air Academy High School teacher, David Calvano, trains puppies, which impacts students and teachers in a positive way. When everyone sees the adorable floppy ears of the current puppy being trained named Bri, they immediately go “Awww” or pet her coat. Just this simple act makes students and staff feel better about their day.  

“Having a puppy in class helps relieve stress and adds a positive spin to class. Without fail, when entering the room, you can’t help but smile when you see Tammi/Bri,” senior Izzy Jiricka added. 

Puppies are not the only animals that can bring joy to students, but it can be all pets for that matter. For example, bunnies, fish, turtles, and lizards can bring positivity to the classroom as well. 

According to Western Governors University, “A pet in a classroom can provide a similar sense of peace and calm. Animals have been known to help calm children during panic attacks and can be considered their friends, helping them feel less alone.”

Due to this, students can learn different ways to ease their anxiety or just find ways to be more positive throughout the day.  

On the other hand though, some students might be allergic to animals, so it is important to ask students about their allergies before bringing in a pet so no one is uncomfortable or has the potential to have an allergic reaction. 

“Knowing Bri was in the class made me feel more comfortable doing my work and asking for help from my teachers,” senior Halle Ruiz explained.  

Having a class pet can reduce the stress of students as well. It lightens the mood in the classroom and also just improves the overall function of students. Pets also lighten the tension between students and a teacher as well. It can overall make the environment more comfortable for the student and teacher. 

“In general math can also be a hard subject and having a puppy in class helps to create a more productive and encouraging classroom environment,” Jiricka added.  

 Class pets bring huge positivity to the classroom and help impact students and teachers in a positive way, making the whole vibe of the school a positive one. 

Overall, a pet in the classroom can encourage students and staff to bond in a way and increases learning as well. Thanks to Calvano’s puppy Bri and AAHS’s school bunny, students are able to have fun at school and make new furry friends along the way.  

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