The Benefits of White Noise for Students

Do you prefer to sleep in silence or with background noise? Learn more about the benefits of white noise here!


Mia Holland

Senior Jordan Swain peacefully taking a nap during her partial.

Sleep is the most important remedy for mental and physical health. By sleeping, the body repairs the cells, renews energy, and creates a healthier brain function. To aid the brain in relaxing the body, a person can be introduced to white noise. White noise sends vibrations to the brain that help aid in relaxation and sleep. 

“It is a comforting noise that many use to fall asleep, so it makes them feel safe in a way that can help improve sleep,” senior Jordan Swain explained. 

White noise can also do the opposite effect as well. Some students find white noise to be distracting and induce insomnia instead of relaxation. Due to this, a lot of people prefer to sleep in complete silence in order to bring calmness and ease the mind.

“I do not prefer white noise because I do not like static noises. I do like to listen to rain noises and music instead,” senior King Smith stated. 

Sleeping without any noise can be hard for some students because it is difficult to silence their minds and anxiety. White noise can also come in different varieties as well, such as rain, waves crashing on the beach, or muffled vibrations. Music can also send brain signals to the brain and help induce sleep as well.  

“You will be more likely to go into a deep sleep when your body is fully comfortable. If you are on edge you are more likely to sleep lighter so you are aware of any potential dangers,” Swain added. 

Background noises can also create distracting sounds for some students as well, such as cars, sirens, and trains. White noise blocks any background noise and creates a steady stream of soft noises just like rain. 

According to researchers from Better Sleep, Not enough sleep can lead to a higher mortality rate. With this in mind, finding the perfect sleep schedule for yourself should be a priority, and white noise is a way to achieve this.”

White noise can also benefit babies as well as adults. For new parents, white noise helps calm the baby and helps block any household background noises so the baby can have a peaceful and restful sleep. Calm noises can help aid with meditation as well. Listening to white noise while meditating can help the brain focus and relax at the same time. Meditation can also aid in sleep as well. 

According to researchers from The Guided Meditation site, “White noise is an incredibly effective sound source for encouraging deeply relaxed states of consciousness and it has a number of therapeutic benefits such as encouraging deep sleep and it can be used to enhance meditation.”

White noise has so many benefits of helping the human body, but it all depends on preference. Sleeping in silence, listening to music, or listening to white noise can positively impact a student’s sleep quality and overall help produce a steady and deep state of relaxation for the students and staff. This level of relaxation can help students and adults wake up well-rested and ready to learn. 

For more information click here: TheGuidedMeditationSite,