Celebrating Black History Month

Should Black History Month be taught in schools?


Martin Luther King Jr. presenting his ” I have a dream Speech” in 1963. Picture provided by St.Joesph County Public Library.

Black History Month is one of the most influential months in history. Throughout the years, the bright light of Black History Month has been dimmed in schools, and because of this, the struggles and successes of the black community are slowly being forgotten.   

“I think it’s important to make focus on Black history month so it can be learned better instead of being pushed to the background,” junior Isaiah Day commented. 

When a student goes to history class, they most likely learn about the United States and how it was created, but only some of the people who made this nation were appreciated. Educators can help spread awareness of Black History Month by teaching about it in their lessons.  

“Learning about Black History teaches students about the crucibles and traits that some of their fellow peers have experienced and still experience in their daily lives,” senior Ellis Noel stated.   

Learning about black history in schools can help bring awareness to the students about the struggles of the black community and help bring a new understanding to students about different races. Learning about the challenges faced by this community can also show students the grim reality of American history. 

Black history has had a huge impact on the society we know today. Without it, a lot of the schools would not have the diversity they possess today. Due to this fact, not learning about black history can actually cause the students to go into the world with ignorance.  Not knowing about the reality of American history can cause the students to be unaware of the struggle of other ethnicities as well. 

“Black History is just as important and vital as the history we are learning about today. I don’t see why people think it’s something we should not be learning about,” senior Emme Van Beek remarked.   

Learning about black history can also create new knowledge about fellow peers as well. Knowing about their struggles as a student can help create a better understanding of their surroundings when they become adults. This can include better relationships in school or their workplace and help achieve a better nation.  

“The significance of Black History Month is important due to how it highlights the struggles and successes of the black community and encourages them to keep educating those around them,” Noel added. 

Black History continues to have a huge impact on society every day. During Black Month, take some time to learn about history and do some personal research. Maybe it will bring some new knowledge and open-mindedness to others as well. If students want to learn about Black history click here!