The Importance of the Veterans Day Assembly

What is the Air Academy High School Veterans Day Assembly?


At the Air Academy High School Veterans Day assembly, numerous veterans walk through the JROTC’s saber arch.

With October coming to a spooky end in the next couple of days, and with November right around the corner, there’ll be some very new, interesting, and fun events to go to and attend. One event, being Veterans Day, holds a massive meaning to many people. Veterans Day is dedicated to celebrating the people who have died for our country during countless battles and people who have retired from service or are still actively serving.

 With this important day happening, Air Academy High School has a whole assembly dedicated to it on November 11th. With it coming ever so closer, it’s important for us to understand why so many people at AAHS care about this historical holiday.

AAHS is located on the Air Force Academy grounds and many of the students that go to the school live on base. A large majority of students most likely have parents that are either in the military or are happily retired from a long line of duty.

“Veterans Day is very important to me because not only is my father a veteran and someone I hold high respect for but not only that we should carry on the tradition of respecting the ones that fought for our country,” sophomore and student council member, Aslan Rivenburg, stated.

Some of the students also bring their parents along to the assembly to honor them and be a part of the excitement that the assembly brings.

“Most Definitely getting to sit with my dad in the middle. It’s nice to have him getting recognized for his work,” Rivenburg continued.

With the StuCo aiding in planning out the assembly for Friday, this assembly hopefully will not only help us respect the current and fallen soldiers of the United States, but it will also guarantee that the assembly will be a safe place for everyone involved.

“Stucco is going to try and make this assembly a safe and open area, as someone with a dad in the military I know that it can get very emotional for many students that also have veteran parents,” Rivenburg exclaimed  

But what about our resilient veterans that served or are still serving think about the assembly? 

“Whenever I attend the veterans day assembly it reminds me of some past memorial events I’ve attended after my retirement,” retired veteran, Marcus Westrick, mentioned.

But that’s not the only reason why he attends the event at AAHS.

“Veterans day allows me to take time away from my life to remind me of the lives of close brothers that have lost their lives either in combat or after living a long a fruitful life,” Westrick remarked

With everything said and done, the Veterans Day assembly that’s coming up will surely go off without a single hitch and will be an event that AAHS will continue to plan out and host for countless years, decades, and even centuries. Everyone here at AAHS is excited for this very special day to come around.