What to Know About the Faculty Coming to AAHS

When you come to Air Academy High School there are a lot of different things to expect. There are also a lot of different things to consider like the harder classes offered versus the ones you want to take, the student life, and the faculty within the school. 

When you approach your ninth-grade year, coming out of middle school may be scary and a little stressful. Many went through middle school and were at the top in 8th grade, but now those individuals are moving back down to the bottom, with the added stress of all the other kids there and some of your friends may be moving to different schools. 

The faculty does a great job of making AAHS a new, comfortable place for every new or existing student. The classrooms are a safe space and if you are ever facing a personal problem, the teachers are there to help and always accepting and willing to work with every student that may have an issue. 

Student life on the other hand is a different story. A lot of kids are multi-faceted in different ways, but it’s hard to accept your own differences in a group setting and especially being a freshman in a new school. Students later learn that there is no need to change their personality in order to fit in, but the faculty does a great job at making a comforting setting in every classroom. 

 “I always try to make my students the most comfortable they can be in a classroom setting so they can focus on their classwork more and be able to do better on homework and tests,” calculus teacher, Jason Catron, stated intently. 

There is also the stigma around taking “higher level” classes like any honors or AP in order to look better in the view of others. There is a bad stigma around that and that stress of having to try to take a class you may not be up for, but teachers do the best they can on making those high-stress classes not as overwhelming.  

“I feel as if these high stress classes shouldn’t have the stigma they have. Yes it may be challenging but in my own class kids have admitted to it not being as hard and high stress as they thought,” social studies teacher, Ronald Gorr, said interestingly. 

There are many classes at AAHS that are amazing with lovely teachers, but there is a fear of not getting into a class with your friends. That’s a valid fear especially when you are introverted. When you may feel like this, the counseling staff is always a great route to go on in order to feel comfortable and better about your time in school. 

“Focus on your passion and pursue your own interest,what others think of you doesn’t matter,” counselor Lynda Powell said comfortably.

But the students are mostly friendly and willing to make new friends or just talk. That’s why as a student, it’s important to go into what you are interested in and not what your friends may be into. Comfort, acceptance, appreciation, and professionalism are what to expect from the faculty at AAHS.  

Mr. Clark teaching his history class.