The Board of Education Community

Junior Anna Cummins posing as she gets ready for yoga.

The Academy District 20 School Board is where all of the executive decisions for the district are made. As board members, they are tasked with providing all of the children with equal and quality education. Parents usually keep up with the board to relay information to their kids, for example, the 2-hour delays students have on Wednesdays. While the Board has made a lot of new changes in the past couple of years, some teachers and parents feel that they don’t agree with those changes.

I think that members of a school board can only be truly effective if they have a good understanding of what teachers and school staff are challenged with on a daily basis,” Jennifer Swain, parent of AAHS student, Jordan Swain, noted.  

Some parents and teachers feel that their voices are not being heard as well. If students, teachers, and the school board come together they can make a positive and thriving community.

“I do think that community involvement can be an important part of the process,” Swain remarked.

As new rulings come to each meeting, the outcomes may change teachers’ lives in a positive or negative way.  Some rulings could also change the lives of parents and students. Not only can the Board of Education make a difference, but students and teachers can also help make a positive and safe environment. 

“I feel that a lot of the schools aren’t accessible for students with disabilities. As a  district we should work on allowing everyone to feel comfortable during school hours,” junior Anna Cummins replied.

Not only can the Board of Education help make a change, but schools throughout the district can also help give all students a chance at an equal, safe, and positive learning atmosphere. Funding for projects for those who have disabilities can be achieved by assistance from board members, fundraisers as well as donations. Donations could also go towards the arts program as well. Some students feel that more funding for school plays or groups such as montages could help the students create a positive effect as well. 

“I think that we should have more funding for the art programs because they are all overlooked by other extracurriculars,” senior Anna Shelton stated.  

The Board of Education can help students learn the importance of other races, cultures, and heritage. Usually, the history taught concerns the marches for freedom or how the United States gained its independence. However, if students were taught about the backgrounds of different cultures and not just American culture specifically, students would be able to understand different cultures as much as the students know theirs. This can bring cultural appreciation to all students and overall have them look at life from a new perspective.

The Board of Education can create a safe, equal, and quality education for every student. They cannot do this alone though,  since it’s important to make all voices heard and to hear everyone’s perspectives. Thus, creating a new environment for students so they can walk into adulthood with a new understanding is much needed.