How to Live with No Wheels during Summer!


Pike’s Peak from the Top of a hill in the Rockrimmon area, where many students live and can walk to easily. Photo by Nicolai Schreck.

Summer, the time of relaxation, for students to get out and enjoy the outside or shut themselves in and spend their time with their favorite hobby. However, for some of the younger students, it can be hard to properly get out and be active without the luxury of driving like the juniors and seniors. So today we present to those unfortunate students, a guide on how to still have fun this summer! 

What more ideal than finding a perfect summer activity without a car and there are lots of them.

“I can ride my bike, watch YouTube, go to the park, walk the dog, and mow the lawn without a car,” sophomore Nick Saxerud stated.

The majority of activities need to be within walking distance and having the activities in your neighborhood. So finding a good group of people to hang out with around your community is ideal for those who can’t drive. 

“Can’t do a whole lot, however, if your neighborhood is good, there are many things you can do, living in a Filipino neighborhood, there is always something to do there, food, and parents play games with each other,” senior Neil Week stated.

But that is not the only activity that does not need a car since there are tons of soccer fields to use during the summer. However, living in Colorado there are privileges that other states do not have like hiking.

“I’m lucky enough to live near Ute Valley making hiking an ideal activity for not having a car,” senior Marley Bailey noted.

And with there being a lot of hikes around the city and state, it makes it the perfect thing to do for non-drivers. But there is more than just hiking and parties to participate in during summer. A lot of places have fields for sports, whether it be soccer or football, therefore making it a perfect place to have a fun summer vacation without the need for a car. 

However, sometimes, having a car is necessary and while the bus system is decent in Colorado Springs, students would rather catch a ride with their close friends.

“If it’s someone I can trust, I don’t have a problem with catching a ride,” Saxerud also mentioned.

I feel bad having to ask other people for a ride, and it sucks not having a car but I try my best to work around it,” Bailey also mentioned.

“I feel like I’m at the mercy of others to give me rides, too far places, but everything else I could walk to,” Week continuted.

Summer break often does not need a car to help make summer worthwhile. So there you have it, the extensive guide for those unlucky souls who cannot use the glory of automobiles. Colorado Springs is a big city and the Jetstream Journal team encourages all those who intend on viewing this article and using it for their summer plans to please stay safe! To those who can drive, the Jetstream Journal team encourages you to stay safe while driving and have a great summer!