Expand Your Palette: A Guide to Eating Around the World

A variety of people from different walks of life at AAHS share experiences through the food they grew to love.


Junior Anna Barber poses with her grandmother after cooking a homemade meal.

Cuisine around the world has opened many doors for learning about other cultures and traditions. These cultures are majorly influenced by the type of food they offer.  A variety of people from different walks of life at AAHS share experiences through the food they grew to love. Italian, Asian, Dutch, and American cuisine are just a few examples of the food brought out by one’s culture. 

Many families continue on traditions that their ancestors taught, and these recipes can stay in a family for centuries. It is valued by many students and their families to share the love of food and connect through cooking and eating together.

“Personally, my favorite Italian dish is my grandma’s homemade lasagna and artichokes. When my sister and I were little, we would help her in the kitchen while she would work for hours to feed our big Italian family,” junior Anna Barber replied. 

Learning the basics of family traditions and recipes is an easy way to get into food and cooking. Taking the time to cook food for one’s family means a good deal more than just what is eaten: It shows love for one’s family and the value to cherish a culture.

“My mom owns a Thai restaurant and my favorite thing on the menu is the pad Thai. I am around the restaurant all of the time, so I have had many opportunities to try things on the menu,” junior Emma Meyer voiced. 

Some students take it upon themselves to learn about other cultures through activities they do within their day. 

“I work at a restaurant called Boonzaaijer’s and I love learning about the way Dutch bakery items are prepared. It is fascinating to see the effort put into creating food of that culture,” sophomore Isaiah Day mentioned. 

Many students have learned about different dishes because of where they work and what type of food they cook. Considering all the foods a student learns while working in a restaurant, some could learn all the little tips and tricks of what to do in the kitchen. 

If one does not know where to start with diverse food, then fast food is a quick and inexpensive way to try unique meals. Panda Express, Olive Garden, Chipotle, Taco Express, Kung Fu Tea, Freddys, and Wienerschnitzel are all starting places.

“Fried chicken is my favorite American dish. Raising Canes is probably my favorite fast food place because they have the best chicken,” sophomore Jake Wike described. 

The beauty of American food is that it is a blend of ideas from a variety of cultures around the world. Hot dogs originate from Germany, french fries come from Greece, and apple pie is influenced by the Ottoman Empire. It’s vital to recognize how united the world is when it comes to food and how many cultures spark inspiration for one another.

Overall, cultural cuisine not only affects the food that one eats but the traditions and long-term connections one makes. Learning about cultures around the world, and the food within them brings together communities and allows people to bond through food.