The Importance of Life Skills

It’s better to be prepared than not at all!


Juniors, Samantha Lee, Jaye Lamb, and Grace Gilbert studying during their study hall.

Every student that walks through the halls of Air Academy High School is guided throughout their journey in order to become well-rounded individuals by the time they graduate. A vital part of the growth present within these future pioneers is the ability to gain life skills that will set them up for success once they leave. Whether it is maintaining responsibilities or learning how to overcome obstacles, these skills are significant to the success of every student in the near future. 

Home and career science teacher, Laura Armstrong, uphold these belief systems.

“Students will be prepared in real life; know what to expect and be successful with the knowledge they have learned in Living On Your Own,” Armstrong stated.

Although these specific types of classes are for only one semester, they leave an everlasting impact on students who decide to take them. So, what is a common topic that was life-changing?

“A strong work ethic for sure! I worked 2 jobs when I was in high school to pay for my college without financial assistance from my parents. I continued that same drive in college and graduated early! You can achieve anything if you work hard and set a goal to do it! I have the same diligence in my work ethic today with teaching,” Armstrong explained. 

It is advised to start practicing basic life skills at a young age, especially during high school years. Important life skills include driving education, basic mathematics to pay for future finances, taking care of responsibilities, and practicing the ability to respect other people students encounter in the future. Students practice these skills by taking driving classes, consumer math to help pay taxes, and even working small jobs to practice the idea of maintaining a responsibility.

Learning as well as practicing this advice and expertise improves the way students find new ways of thinking and problem-solving. As students recognize the impact of their actions it teaches them to take responsibility for what they do rather than blaming others. The proficiency of life skills is incredibly important to learn at a young age because it will help the youth to overcome obstacles and difficulties in the near future. 

With all that being said and done, what happens when you hit a roadblock?

When you hit these roadblocks it is very important to not get discouraged. Of course, it is hard to not get discouraged when all the hard work feels like it was worth nothing. But, most importantly whenever you have a setback

“Do not be afraid to confront it head on,” Mr. Calvano, a math teacher at Air Academy stated.

“Life is full of challenges and mistakes, I tend to look at these as learning experiences at most life is all about learning from your mistakes,” Calvano continued.

Ultimately, when things do not go to plan it’s important to not beat on oneself too hard. Whether it is keeping up with responsibilities, going to work, or even things as simple as maintaining your vehicle maintenance. Most of these activities are a necessity for everyday life and successful life at that. But, these are all things that are learned along the way, continuing to grow and learn is part of the process.