Day to Day Lives of High Schoolers

This article talks about what a high school student experiences in their everyday life, including their sleep schedule, sports, stress, and free time.


Sophomore Lily Hernandez sits while she gets ready to eat her lunch during her break for the day.

There are many things a high school student struggles with when it comes to high school. There are instances when students do not get enough sleep or are too stressed about high school. However, there are also the instances of the positive side to high school such as clubs, sports, or even lunch can be a good thing for a student in a day. When it comes to a student’s day-to-day activity there can be a certain struggle to find the right balance between a chaotic schedule and a stabilized schedule. Students this last semester dealt with a whole bundle of how to achieve the perfect schedule, from attempting a good homework schedule after school to even a sleep schedule. 


“At the beginning of the semester I dealt with a lot of an overload of how to deal with homework assignments and even how to maintain a good sleep schedule. Now it comes super easy to me because I tried multiple attempts to get a good routine down and everything by taking at least 10 min brain breaks for homework assignments and going to bed by at least 10 really helps for the morning,” sophomore Tatum Salmon stated. 


But even when it comes to after-school activities, it can be a struggle for athletes and club members. Many do not have a lot of time for themselves after school and have to fully dedicate themselves to their school routine and do not have enough for their routine when school is not a worry for them. 


“After school sports can be difficult especially when I have 20+ assignments to do as soon as I get home. But it is nice to have something to do when I am done with sports because then I’m not being lethargic and just sitting on my coach once I get home. So finding a balance between school and sports is key for success in school,” freshman Lucas Obrienger stated. 


Although academics and other school activities are a big part of many high schoolers’ lives, there are other aspects of high school that students can find enjoyable throughout their day. With long school hours and a multitude of different classes, many students look forward to their main break of the day being lunch. Although it may only be 40 minutes, lunch is a time during the day when students can interact with their friends and take some time for themselves.


“I have a pretty packed schedule with all the AP and Honors classes, so my school day can sometimes be really stressful. So having that time for lunch just to connect with my friends and take a break can sometimes be the different between a good day and a bad day. Sometimes it’s even the best part of my day,” sophomore Braden Amoruso commented.


High schoolers often have many responsibilities throughout their day. Oftentimes, those responsibilities can be stressful and tiring. However, the good moments and the stressful are what high schoolers’ day is composed of and it’s because of these experiences that a high schooler can learn how to become an adult.