Why Everyone Can Benefit From Therapy

There is a time and place for everyone to consider going to therapy, even if they don’t have debilitating issues going on.


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The Misconception of Therapy

Trauma, stress, and relationship problems are some reasons that people choose to join therapy or counseling. This sit-down experience, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or even daily is an excellent outlet to work through one’s feelings and be guided through their emotional journey. The main misconception about therapy is that is only designed for people that are struggling, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

What if I’m not “crazy”?

“There is a stigma that going to therapy is only for crazy people, but in reality, everyone should go to therapy. Everyone needs someone that will listen to them other than their friends or family,” junior Isaac Martinez declared.

The idea that only sufferable and severe cases deserve therapy is one of the main reasons generally happy people stay away from counseling, even if they want to expand their inner self. They shy away from this ideal altogether because they come off as more put together than someone who goes to therapy and wants to keep it that way. In reality, therapy is much more than picking up the pieces.

What’s the Point of Therapy?

“With therapy, I learn a lot about myself and how I respond and interact with other people,” sophomore Isaiah Day explained.

As a teenager, it’s vital that we work through all of the life-changing events happening and the emotions that arise from them. Learning to interact with other people based on one’s emotional profile will improve decision-making and relationships. Sitting down with a professional will broaden one’s horizons.

What If I Don’t Like my Therapist?

“When I joined counseling, I did not like the first person I had sessions with. I didn’t understand why a person I didn’t know had the privilege to know what I was going through,” sophomore Jeremiah Day claimed.

The main purpose of this practice is to make the client achieve what they need help with. Clients may not like the first therapist they ever try and might feel uncomfortable or that they can’t grow in that environment. There are all kinds of “shrinks” to help people from all walks of life. If the first therapist does not feel like the right fit, don’t stress or think that you’re the problem. They are here to help and being paired with a professional that is trustworthy and one feels comfortable with is extremely important.

“At first, I was very doubtful about telling a stranger all of my problems. After I joined, I was able to build the trust with my therapist and realize what I said wouldn’t leave the room,”  junior Emma Meyer added.

Therapy is Great!

There are plenty of therapists to go around.  Don’t hesitate to get some help, guidance, and or knowledge, even if  “I’m mainly happy.” Who knows, therapy may change ones perspective about life as a whole while achieving goals in the process. The only people that can’t get help from therapy are people who are unwilling to give it a chance.