Spring Break!

Spring break was the break everyone needed. With the end of the year approaching students have been stressed and working hard on their grades and getting everything in check for the following year.

Juniors Abby Garcia and Racheal Loehr posing in the car on their way to their favorite hang-out spot. Captured by Abby Garcia


The students and staff were asked what they did over the break. Some went to different countries and states, while others stay home and chilled.

“I went dress shopping with my friends,” junior Sam Joyce said.

Right now is the perfect time for dress shopping too. Since prom is right around the corner it would be an amazing time to bond with friends. It can also help start new friendships and explore new possibilities. Such as colleges.

“I went to Philidelphia to look at colleges,” junior Rylie White Law remarked.

Students also took the time to catch up on missing assignments. Some students including the author of this article caught up on a days worth of procrastination. Especially with the SAT coming. It gives the students extra time to do work or for teachers to catch up on grading or to procrastinate some more.

Exploring the states can be a fun family bonding experience too. Maybe it’s to visit family or even just for the fun. Spring break is the time to relax. Well for some people. Students could also take the time to work extra hours and achieve that bag. For some students, those extra springtime hours could pay for snacks, random keychains, weird pots, or a pet frog.

Spring break can be spent in many different ways from going to Las Vegas to enjoying themselves at home, these students made their spring break amazing from the comfort of their couch. Many dug deep into the video game universe introducing new video games such as Elden ring, and classics like Minecraft. Video games during the break would be good for family friends or just themselves which is cool too.

“I just played video games the whole time dawg,” junior Ariana Porter remarked.

Students also had the time to spend with their families to travel the country to visit distant relatives. Family time is important and being able to leave the state for it is such a cool experience. Families who didn’t want to go anywhere got to spend time with each other and maybe learned a new tradition or even a new food recipe. It allowed the students and staff to rekindle their bonds with family. Students also went Skiing and even tried new hobbies.

“My family and I went to visit distant relatives in Michigan. We watched scary movies and went to the beach,” said Sophmore Dasha Kunec.

In conclusion, spring break was the time for relaxation, anxiety attacks, and family bonding, and to be honest this break was much needed. It was used for many different things like traveling, exploring, and curing sleep-deprived teens.