Halloween Should Always Fall on the Last Saturday of the Month


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October calendar with Pumpkin

The Drawback of Spooky Season
As Halloween approaches this year, excitement levels rise and shelves are stocked with candy. Everyone couldn’t be happier to be celebrating this holiday, it almost seems too good to be true. The catch? Halloween is on a Sunday this year.

Ever since I can remember, Halloween has been my favorite holiday. I loved staying up all night after trick-or-treating to sort and trade candy, and watch horror movies to the point where it’s too scary to sleep. But considering the calendar’s unexpectedness, Halloween can fall on any day of the week. One year it’s a tiring Thursday school day, and the next it’s a Friday night party. This unpredicted cycle for this holiday is a flaw, and to maximize the fun on Halloween day, something has to change.

Benefits of changing Halloween to a Saturday
It’s not hard to tell that sugar highs and school do not mix. Teachers struggle to keep their students attentive throughout the day, and the next day is even more difficult after their long nights out.

“Costumes can be a distraction to the learning environment,” chemistry teacher Rachel Valiquette said.

This is especially in classes where labs involving chemicals are now a major risk.

Halloween is one of those chaotic holidays where something could go wrong at any moment. A costume could rip, you could forget to buy king-size candy bars for the neighbors, or a haunted house could scare you to pee yourself. Whatever the case is, Halloween is a lot more stressful and frantic when the duties of school and work on top of everything. But on a Saturday, you would have plenty of time to prepare for the scariest. And even better, you would have a rest day to cleanse your body of all the sugar you ingested the day before.

Save the Date!
Students and teachers alike know that in order to have the best Halloween possible, the date has to be changed. USA Today reported that a petition is already in order with over one hundred twenty thousand signatures. The goal is to move the holiday to the last Saturday of the month. The ability to safely enjoy Halloween with plenty of time would now be available every year.

When speaking to a variety of Air Academy students, It was clear that our high school has a strong opinion about moving the Holiday.

Sophomore Jeremiah Day said moving Halloween to a Saturday would “solve children’s frustration all across the country, and would make the holiday better overall. It would also help keep students’ grades up by moving the day to a non-school day.”

“Celebrating Halloween on a Saturday every year is ideal for people of all ages” and how staying up late on this day is something that should be enjoyed rather than stressed,” junior Ashlynn Olson said.

Therefore, students should sign the petition to make their voices heard, and prove that people would be more than okay with this change of holiday.

Whatever your motive may be: staying up late, avoiding a spooky math test, eating a little extra candy, or just getting more time with your loved ones, the answer is clear. Halloween should always fall on a Saturday. This way, everyone will have a delightful, safe, and even scary Halloween.

To sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/president-of-the-united-states-join-the-saturday-celebration