Cafeteria Food: Is the hype about it real?


Air Academy student receiving his lunch very hungerly! Photo taken by Maddie Chidester

Sophomore Erin Bailey eating her usual school lunch!

Cafeteria food has had many good and bad stories from past high schoolers. Some people generally really like it or some despise it. Cafeteria food at Air Academy is the most simplistic. From 4 lunch lines to choose from and a paper tray to support the food. Lunch food recently has been free for kids since the start of 2020. However with school lunch now being free for kids throughout all grades. Lunches have been downgraded in a sense with fewer options and cheap food. Sophomore Erin Bailey tends to have a lot of school food, but this year has been different.

“I get school lunch about four out of five times a week. To be honest, the food is nothing special nor the healthiest either,” stated Bailey. “ I want to get stuff from the salad bar, but when I get my main course and look at the vegetables and fruit I don’t even attempt to get anything healthy wise,” Bailey continued while pushing her lunch away. 

The lunch food recently has cut down on options to about 4 lunch choices. Even with the cut in the selection of food some students don’t think it’s worth even waiting in line to get it for free! Junior Emma Martin emphasis by stating, 

“I have only had school lunch maybe once, and since then I will never have it again. Even if I did forget my lunch I wouldn’t even go try to get the school lunch, I’d just skip lunch that day.” 

Even though the lunch food at Air Academy is free it’s not worth the hype for what I get. Maybe it’s a quality thing for students but still, I would much rather bring my own lunch to school. 

“I get lunch food pretty much every day, the food is pretty average there, it could be worse. Some stuff is healthy and the salad bar has really good celery,” sophomore Owen Bailey said jokingly. “But I do think that if they had a bigger variety of food it would be more appealing to kids,” Bailey said without a doubt. 

Bailey was also asked the question if he prefers breakfast or lunch food more at Air Academy.

“It is nice to have a free breakfast option but compared to lunch it has even fewer options. They normally have a yogurt parfait and a toaster strudel to choose from which is okay I guess,” Bailey additionally added. 

Having free lunches is very beneficial for kids who may not be able to bring their own lunches to school. I know from experience that I sometimes forget in the mornings to make my lunch. Air Academy can also bring in money to change up some of the food options and improve the food quality. Freshman Jaylon Andrew brings his lunches most days, however, the days he has to get lunch food Andrew furthermore said, 

“I’ve gotten the cafeteria maybe once, and from what I have got it is not worth it. I now bring my own lunch pretty much every day. The vegetables and fruits look good to choose from, but they all look squished,  so I didn’t really get anything from the salad bar, ” said Andrew with authority.

Lunch food at Air Academy has its downs to it. Surely enough it can satisfy people and sometimes it doesn’t. Personally, I don’t really mind its food and it’s edible. It can be hard for me to eat the cafeteria food because of the appearance on some days. Other days I think back to myself at least it is free! Undoubtedly when it comes down to eating something for lunch I personally will pick and choose if I want to eat something from the cafeteria. Overall Air Academy has put a great deal of hard work into providing food for kids who may need to eat for lunch, with the added benefit of it being free some kids will love this added bonus moving on in the future!